“A Bakery’s Closure Leaves a Stray Dog Hopelessly Waiting for Food”

Countless dogs wander the streets every day in search of food and shelter. One such dog, a furry kid named Jhonny, spends his days waiting for kindhearted individuals to pet and feed him. With no known owner, Jhonny used to frequent the La Espiga bakery, where employees would often feed him and share their goods. However, with the bakery now closed, Jhonny waits outside, hoping someone will offer him some bread or other treats as before. It’s disheartening to think about the many dogs living on the streets, facing diseases, abuse, and hunger. Fortunately, there are people who care for these dogs, and Jhonny’s story serves as a reminder to be aware of animals in need. A Facebook post by Amandi Rodriguez Maya highlights Jhonny’s situation, describing how he cries outside the bakery that is now permanently closed. Jhonny appears depressed, and many readers were moved by his plight, inspiring others to offer him food and comfort. The magazine advises those who come across Jhonny to offer him small packets of croquettes or chicken, but warns against giving him bones, which can cause him pain. By sharing Jhonny’s story, we can help raise awareness and encourage others to show compassion for the many animals in need.





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