“A Canine Hero: The Story of a Courageous Dog who Sacrificed Himself to Save his Owner from a Cobra Bite”

In a tragic turn of events, a heroic Dalmatian lost its life to a venomous snake bite while protecting its human family from a deadly cobra. The incident occurred in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, where Ameen Sharif heard his beloved pet Tyson barking fiercely and rushed to find him battling the dangerous Indian cobra.

Ameen and his family could only watch in awe as their courageous Dalmatian, who was just a year and a half old, took down a venomous snake. But their relief was short-lived as they witnessed the dog’s sudden illness and evident distress. Despite feeling helpless, Ameen quickly checked Tyson for snake bites and discovered blood on the left side of his face, causing them to fear the worst.

After discovering a snake in his backyard, the man called the snake hotline and shared a video of the creature with specialist Subhendu Mallik. Upon identification as an Indian cobra, Mallik advised the family to quickly take their dog to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, due to the late hour, no vets were available, and the dog passed away within 30 minutes.

According to Amin, they witnessed Tyson fighting with a cobra just a few steps away from their porch. Tragically, the snake managed to bite their dear pet and it eventually died. They tried to contact veterinarians for an anti-venom treatment, but no one was available to answer their calls at that time. While they were able to save themselves, they unfortunately couldn’t save Tyson’s life.

He expressed that his family would always remember the loyalty and heroic act of their dog. It’s disheartening to see plenty of hospitals catering to humans round the clock, but there isn’t any emergency facility for animals. Mr. Mallik mentioned that the courageous dog rescued his family from a dreadful situation. Nevertheless, this incident highlights the insufficient availability of veterinary services in Odisha, where the dog passed away without receiving treatment.

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