A canine riddled with parasites pleads with newlyweds to end his agony

Dog with parasites on him looks at the newlyweds and begs them to take away his suffering

A pooch infested with parasites gazed at a couple who had just tied the knot and implored them to end his misery. The poor creature was in immense pain and distress ๐Ÿ˜”. However, this tale of rescue that follows will undoubtedly capture your heart, and the happy conclusion is sure to leave you beaming with joy! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Aliki and Walter, a couple from Canada who had recently tied the knot, were taking a well-deserved break in Greece when they stumbled upon a heart-wrenching scene that they never anticipated. As they were driving through a small town, they saw a dog that was being consumed alive by parasites and had just a few weeks left to live. The poor animal was homeless, emaciated, and barely had any flesh or muscle left on its body. When the dog approached their car window, it was apparent that it was in dire need of help. However, it was also scared and timid, probably due to suffering from past mistreatment by strangers.

When the pair initially laid eyes on him, he was visibly scared and crouched down, likely having experienced mistreatment from others before. Despite his challenging situation, his little tail still managed to wag joyfully as he interacted with people who showed him kindness.

After being inspired by Greek Animal Rescue and Diasozo, the duo made a noble decision to lend a helping hand to the unhappy and solitary canine. They felt an inexplicable urge to not leave him behind and were determined to provide aid.

After being found on the streets, he was given a can of food, which he quickly devoured. Subsequently, he was taken to the clinic, where he underwent treatment for mange and underwent a thorough examination for intestinal parasites.

According to the veterinarians, the cat’s survival chances were slim if he had continued living on the streets. Fortunately, he was rescued in the nick of time and is now recovering well.

Nelson’s overall appearance and behavior have drastically improved after undergoing five months of therapy and treatment. He looks like a brand new dog, and his transformation is remarkable, both physically and mentally. Nelson has regained his trust in humans and is constantly smiling while wagging his tail with happiness.

After his full recovery, he journeyed to Canada to pay a visit to the couple who had rescued him. The couple was amazed by his incredible transformation and welcomed him warmly. Nelson, now an adorable pup, has come a long way thanks to the kindness of these newlyweds!

Watch this heartwarming video featuring Nelson’s happy ending that will surely make you smile. Don’t miss out and watch until the end to fully enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to share this video with your loved ones.

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