A Canine Survivor of Triple Homicide Faces Euthanasia at Shelter

If you’re considering adopting a pet, you can get in touch with Chicago Animal Care & Control through this link. Don’t forget to mention A238811 Topper, an 8-year-old neutered animal with identification E150. Also, be sure to watch the accompanying video.

Dog that survived triple murder in his home and crawled out window onto roof set to be euthanized at shelter

A canine survivor of a horrific triple homicide in his own home has been slated for euthanasia at the shelter. The dog had crawled out of the window onto the roof to escape the bloodbath.

A canine named Topper, who managed to overcome tremendous adversity, is set to be put down by Chicago Animal Care Control at the age of eight. Topper was discovered on a rooftop after a series of unfortunate events resulting in the deaths of three of his family members and the suicide of a fourth. The dog was brought to the shelter as a stray.

The story of Topper’s rescue made headlines nationwide after he was lifted to safety from a dilapidated house using a crane. The poor dog had witnessed the violent deaths of his beloved owners, leaving him traumatized and alone. When rescuers found him, he was perched on the roof, still guarding the memories of his former home. Despite the tragedy he endured, Topper remains a sweet and charming dog who deserves a second chance at happiness. However, the animal shelter where he now resides is overcrowded, and they urgently need more people to adopt or foster animals to help save more lives.

TOPPER, a lovable canine who has been residing at the shelter for half a year, has grasped the true meaning of affection thanks to the devoted caregivers. He relishes being hugged and held close, but he has developed a sense of possessiveness over his abode and is unwilling to venture out. As per the officials at the shelter, TOPPER has overstayed his welcome and has become exceptionally devoted to his caretaker, a volunteer. Hence, if someone decides to adopt him, they must bear in mind that he requires undivided attention and must be the only dog in the household.

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