A Captivating Photographic Exploration in the Indonesian Countryside

Perhaps any Vietnamese must be surprised by the series of photos of daily life in the villages of Indonesia because there can be found “very Vietnamese” images.

Herman Damar is a self-taught photographer in Indonesia. He has “captured” beautiful moments in the daily life of villagers in the suburbs of Jakarta. His photos, especially of children playing, have created a big picture of the wonderful landscape and natural beauty in the daily life of Indonesians.

Damar’s series of portraits of village life are so true, so simple, and so vivid that it can touch the hearts of the viewers. It evokes childhood memories of anyone who has ever lived there. or experience life in beloved villages. It not only touched Indonesians but also Vietnamese people because they were all too familiar images in villages across the S-shaped strip of land.

Perhaps without the need to comment on any photos, viewers can still feel all their meanings because of their incredible authenticity, idyllic and closeness. Invite readers to also admire this “very Vietnamese” photo series to better understand village life in Indonesia.

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