A Dog’s Heartbreaking Five-Year Ordeal: Chained Outside with Only One Word – “No”

Thе оnlу wоrd this dоg knеw whilе bеing chаinеd оսtsidе fоr fivе уеаrs wаs “nо.”

For five long years, the only word that was familiar to this poor dog, who was kept chained outside, was “no.”

For a duration of over five years, Marley was confined to a backyard and was neglected by his owners. During this time, he was given insufficient attention and care. His diet primarily comprised Cheerios that were often served in an unclean dish or sometimes, he was left with nothing to eat. Furthermore, his water container was frequently contaminated with algae and other waste materials.

The poor dog had an owner who would hit him on the head if he got too excited, and sadly, he only understood the word “no.” His past was so filled with abuse that he couldn’t even recall what his name was.

However, the situation took a turn when the owner finally gave in after five years of constant persuasion by PETA workers. The newly released movie showcases how Marley’s fortunes changed as he was handed over to PETA. Unfortunately, Marley’s health was in a poor state, and he desperately required proper care and nourishment due to parasite infection.

At our shelter, Marley received medical care and enjoyed being the center of attention. PETA employee, Michael Moss, was charmed by the energetic little dog and spent time with him. Marley’s spirit was unbreakable and his lively personality captured everyone’s hearts. Fortunately, Marley found his forever home soon after.

Marley is now enjoying the luxury of a cozy sofa to nap on, as well as the companionship of his new friend Kyah, and an abundance of treats and cuddles. Moss greatly admires Marley’s small but mighty personality and resilient spirit. He now has access to an array of toys, bones, treats, and the freedom to play in a spacious backyard – everything that Moss could wish for him. Ultimately, Moss’s sole objective is to ensure Marley’s happiness.

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