A Fortunate Rescue: Compassionate Man Saves Abandoned Pup from Sweltering Heat on the Road

Last Saturday, a puppy that was left alone on a highway near Wamego was found and rescued. Fortunately, this cute little pup has now been adopted into a loving new family.

As the Coleman Electric team made their way to Manhattan, they stumbled upon a car carrier that was housing a little furry friend. With the help of Matt McMillan and Steve McLean, the drivers were alerted and the truck carrier was flagged down. Thanks to their quick thinking and efforts, they were able to successfully halt the car and rescue the precious pup.

Following the rescue, Mcmillan assumed the responsibility of caring for Karmel, a 4-month-old retriever-lab hybrid pup, at the work location.

According to Mcmillan, once they discovered her, she immediately settled down at their feet. He described her as an affectionate and friendly pup. Mcmillan also noted that the puppy seemed to be tired and needed to rest as she had been sleeping for most of the past two days.

In an effort to gather more information on a deceased individual discovered in west Wichita, Crime Stoppers has decided to provide larger sums of cash as rewards. The deceased person was closely connected to Mcmillan, who suffered deeply after losing one of his beloved canines.

Mcmillan took the furry companion to get microchipped on Tuesday. However, the previous owners declined to reclaim her when they were contacted. Initially, the dog was adopted from a Manhattan-based shelter.

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