“A Furry Regular: An Adorable 17-Year-Old Siamese Cat Pays Daily Visits to her Beloved Companion”

Cheryl has an interesting daily visitor in the form of her neighbor’s 17-year-old Siamese cat. Every time Cheryl stepped out, she would greet the cat and give her a few cuddles. Over time, the elderly cat warmed up to Cheryl and started showing her affection. Whenever the feline spotted her favorite human, she would roll over on the ground and wait for some belly rubs.

Cheryl had an interesting experience during her lockdown when a furry feline began to visit her frequently. The cat would meow outside the doors and plead to be let in. Cheryl affectionately named her Squishy as she was incredibly fluffy and huggable. Squishy would spend hours with Cheryl’s family and even follow her around wherever she went.


Cheryl had a beloved auntie who held a special place in her heart. However, her auntie fell ill and eventually passed away, leaving Cheryl struggling to cope with her grief. But during this difficult time, Cheryl found comfort in the affectionate nature of her furry companion Squish, who seemed to become even more cuddly.

Cheryl’s beloved feline companion, Squish, stays by her side even after her aunt’s passing. Every day at work, Squish approaches her and cuddles up against her, providing a sense of comfort that Cheryl believes is her auntie’s presence.

According to Cheryl, she finds it hard to express in words the immense impact that a certain individual has on her. She claims that this person’s presence in her life is truly overwhelming.

We are immensely grateful to Cheryl for generously sharing her personal experience with us. To stay updated on Squishy’s trips, you can follow her on Instagram.

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