“A Heartbreaking Scene: Abandoned Pregnant Pooch Left Helpless in a Lonely Ditch”

Pregnant Homeless Mother Dog Lying Motionless in a Small Ditch

A pregnant mother dog who is homeless was found lying still in a narrow ditch.

As per the reports from The GoGo Rescue channel, they received a distress call regarding a helpless canine lying motionless on the sidewalk. The situation seemed bleak when they reached the location.

She has a bloated stomach which was first thought to be a large growth.

They rushed her to the animal doctor and after undergoing an ultrasound, it was discovered that she had two babies in her womb. Despite her agony, she fought for survival for the sake of her little ones.

The mother dog urgently needed surgery and fortunately, it was a success. Sadly, only one puppy survived the procedure. Currently, the mama dog is undergoing treatment while still weak, and the lone puppy is receiving care with milk being pumped for them.

May Mama dog and her little one be blessed by the grace of God. I offer my gratitude for rescuing these innocent beings.

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