A heartbroken husky mourns at the grave of its human, expressing profound grief.

The bond between dogs and their human companions is truly amazing. This is exemplified by the heartbreaking tale of a devastated dog trying to come to terms with the passing of his dear owner.

Wiley, a loyal wolf-dog, struggled to grasp the fact that his owner, Gladys, had passed away. In a heart-wrenching video, Wiley can be seen mourning beside her grave, letting out mournful cries and shaking with sorrow. The emotional footage has struck a chord with many viewers, highlighting the depth of Wiley’s grief as family members try to comfort him. One family member offers comforting words, acknowledging that they too miss Gladys.

The video uploaded by SarahandtheWolves on YouTube has become quite popular, with over 9,174,611 views so far. It features Wiley, a wolf-dog who is part of a group that offers therapy to veterans suffering from PTSD after their return from combat. According to SarahandtheWolves’ account on YouTube, these military wolf-dogs are a significant part of the care and rehabilitation provided by the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre (LARC), which focuses on the well-being of wolf-dogs and horses.

SarahandtheWolves wanted to clear up any worries about the health of Wiley. She mentioned that she is not qualified to diagnose him with reverse sneezing, but she can confirm that he has never done it before and has not done so since. She admits that she may be overly attributing human qualities to Wiley’s behaviors, but this is her way of dealing with grief. Moreover, she assures those who claim that Wiley is dying that he is not. The sanctuary has a professional veterinarian on the premises, and Wiley is in good spirits.

This video is a touching portrayal of the strong connection between humans and their furry friends. It showcases the depth of love and sorrow that dogs can feel when they lose their beloved owners. Take a moment to watch this emotional video featuring Wiley, and be prepared to feel moved by the display of his feelings. Share this heartwarming story with your loved ones.

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