A Heartwarming Farewell: A Dog’s Emotional Tribute to their Beloved Owner

Dogs are famous for their loyalty and often form close bonds with humans. However, when their owners pass away, dogs may experience sadness and longing just like humans do. A heartwarming story circulating on Philippine social media involves a lost dog with white fur and a yellow patch on his head and ears who was adopted by a professor named Carmelito Marcelo. The dog, named Buboy, had been missing for four years before finding his new home with Marcelo, who teaches at Mabalacat City University in Pampanga, Philippines.

 Buboy vốn là một chú chó đi lạc được vị giáo sư nhặt về nuôi.

Buboy was originally a homeless dog, but he was fortunate enough to be taken in by a caring professor. The professor’s affection for the furry creature was evident in how he doted on him, providing him with food and taking care of his needs. Buboy clearly reciprocated these feelings, as he was often seen following the professor around campus and lounging at his feet while the professor played with him.

 Buboy thường xuyên tới trường và nô đùa cùng vị giáo sư.

Buboy used to have a great time at school, learning new things and having fun with his favorite teacher. Unfortunately, their happy moments were cut short when an unfortunate incident occurred. Professor Marcelo suffered a stroke and was immediately rushed to the emergency room. Despite the doctors’ best efforts during weeks of intensive care, he couldn’t recover and passed away on May 18th.

 Một ngày nọ, vị giáo sư bị đột quỵ còn chú chó vốn chẳng biết chuyện gì xảy ra, cứ ngồi ngóng đợi trước cửa lớp học.

One unfortunate day, the professor had a stroke and left his loyal companion, Buboy, confused and waiting at the classroom entrance. Despite the passing of time, Buboy remains unaware of his master’s fate and continues to wait faithfully each day. The sight of Buboy’s hopeful yet disappointed gaze tugs at the heartstrings of many teachers and pupils who witness it.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy sau đó đã được các sinh viên của vị giáo sư đưa tới đám tang.

When the professor’s students brought Buboy to the funeral, they realized that he had given up all hope of ever seeing his beloved master again. During the service, Buboy stood before the old professor’s casket and wept uncontrollably, causing a wave of intense emotions to sweep over everyone in attendance.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy nằm lặng thinh trước linh cữu của vị giáo sư.

Buboy remained in front of the professor’s casket for a considerable amount of time, quietly lying there. He even stretched out his paws to touch the photo and stayed calmly beside the coffin. It was clear that Buboy realized this could potentially be the final time he would ever see the professor, his beloved friend and mentor.

Cảm động chú chó khóc nấc trước quan tài của vị giáo sư, người từng là chủ nhân của nó

 Buboy sau đó được các sinh viên, nhân viên trong trường nuôi nấng. Họ cũng lên kế hoạch tìm một ngôi nhà mới ấm áp cho chú.

After the passing of his previous owner, Buboy was fortunate enough to find a new loving family in the form of the school’s students and staff. They took it upon themselves to care for him and give him all the love and attention he deserved. The team is also actively working to secure a comfortable new home for Buboy where he can be cherished just as much as he was before. It is our hope that Buboy finds a new friend soon who will give him all the affection he deserves, just like his late owner did.

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