A Heartwarming Story of a Senior Canine’s Courageous Fight Against Bone Cancer in the Face of Neglect

On September 22, GWARP received a report about an elderly dog that was suffering from a serious illness. Shockingly, the dog was chained up and deprived of basic necessities like food and water. As an organization that values animal welfare, this case was unlike any other that GWARP has encountered before. It is suspected that the poor dog has been chained for an extended period and has only survived on a diet of garbage and feces. To make matters worse, the dog has also been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.

It’s a sad situation as the person who reported it saw the drunken owner of the dog brutally abusing it. The cancer that the dog has is often caused by a serious injury and infection that develops into a tumor. The owner kept the poor animal hidden in their yard for a long time, with only a weak metal chain restricting its movement to just two feet.

The GWARP rescue team faced an obstacle while trying to save a child from danger. The owner of the property where the child was located objected, stating that they could not remove their “property.” In order to resolve the situation, the rescue team sought help from the local police. Upon leaving the area to speak with the authorities, the dog appeared to express sadness by almost sobbing. Eventually, after obtaining the necessary paperwork, the owner agreed to allow the rescue team to take the dog away. However, the owner stipulated that reporting him would be necessary.

We gave our consent as the poor animal needed urgent inspection and a blood test. Similarly, our little one requires prompt amputation and will receive cloth swabs. Nonetheless, there is still much to be done.

Osteosarcoma, a perilous form of bone cancer that appears on X-rays, has been diagnosed. Fortunately, it has not spread to the lungs, but the chances of survival remain slim. The rapid growth of the tumor is causing the skin to rupture, and it continues to expand with each passing day.

To free himself from his previous owner’s negative energy and traumatic past, Jordan enjoyed a long bath.

Sadly, Azerbaijan cannot provide the necessary medical assistance for Jordan’s condition, and he must make progress before traveling to Turkey in a few days.

Before the surgery, Jordan traveled to Istanbul to undergo a brief anesthesia procedure for a full-body X-ray.

Jordan’s surgery to remove the malignant limb was successful, and there were no complications throughout the process.

On the third day, Jordan had his leg amputated and soon adapted to his new life, learning new skills and regaining his appetite.

Let us continue to wish Jordan a speedy recovery and a healthy life filled with love. We are all rooting for you, Jordan!

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