A Heartwarming Tale: A Family Reunites with Their Furry Friend Who Miraculously Survived a Car Accident for Over 14 Hours

Pets can develop a unique bond with their owners, providing them with unconditional love and unwavering support. Today, we have an extraordinary and unconventional tale to share about a family who encountered a miraculous occurrence – the unexpected return of their deceased dog. Glenn Maloney, along with his kids Megan and Kevin, were proud owners of Mugsy – an adorable canine companion. However, their happiness was short-lived as tragedy struck when Mugsy was hit by a car outside Glenn’s girlfriend’s home in Severna Park, MD. Despite Glenn’s desperate efforts to save Mugsy, he couldn’t be saved, leaving the family heartbroken over the loss of their beloved pet.

PEOPLE reported that Glenn Maloney recently recounted a heartbreaking experience where he lost his Jack Russell Terrier, Mugsy. Despite picking him up, the poor dog died in his arms, with no vital signs or pulse detected. Glenn immediately buried Mugsy to shield his children from seeing their beloved pet’s lifeless form. That evening, he gathered the strength to inform his kids about Mugsy’s passing, and they held a small ceremony at his grave to say farewell. However, the following morning, something strange happened. They heard scratching at the door at 5:30 am, and when Glenn opened it, Mugsy was there, tail wagging. Glenn and his girlfriend could hardly believe their eyes and debated whether it was the same dog they laid to rest or not.

The family buries their dead dog, 14 hours later he is standing outside their door

After a more detailed investigation, it became evident that the tired canine they stumbled upon was none other than Mugsy. The tiny Jack Russell had endured a great deal to reach the location where he was discovered. According to Viola, “Mugsy was completely covered in dirt, and his eyes gave away his exhaustion.” Considering the breed’s inherent inclination to tunnel in pursuit of foxes, it’s plausible that Mugsy mistakenly viewed his burial location as yet another crevice to explore. Despite the difficult circumstances, he dug his way out and miraculously survived what could have been his grave.

The moment they stumbled upon the dog, they made a beeline to the vet’s clinic for a comprehensive medical check-up. The specialists gave their individual takes on the scenario and hypothesized how Mugsy was believed dead. Viola relayed Oprah’s message that, according to the veterinarian, Mugsy had probably burrowed his way out after six hours. His health statistics were so feeble and inactive that it was tough to discern if he was breathing or not. Frankly, he seemed to exhibit no life signs whatsoever.

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