A Heartwarming Tale: From Tragedy to Second Chance – A Rescued Pup Finds a New Home with a Hero Canine

It’s common to see animals displaying immense love and loyalty. Recently, a heartwarming incident took place during the floods in India where a mother dog protected her two puppies. She carried them in her snout, braving the strong currents of water. The photos captured by Sanjay Kanoja from Agence France-Presse have caught everyone’s attention due to their emotional appeal and have been widely shared.

The videos depict a mother taking her offspring to a safe, arid spot in Allahabad as the water level increases due to the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. It’s worth noting that the incessant rains in the nation have caused more than 400 fatalities and displaced around 700,000 individuals.

The health officials have expressed concern over the pollution of drinking water sources and unsanitary conditions that may cause the outbreak of diseases. As a result, health workers have been sent to the affected towns to monitor the situation and prevent any possible illnesses. In another remarkable incident, a dog saved a family from a landslide that destroyed their home in the Indian state of Kerala. The dog woke them up in the middle of the night and helped them escape unharmed. This rescue happened a few weeks before the floods that affected the same area.

Mohanan P. and his loved ones were taking a break in their residence located in the hilly region of Idukki when their loyal dog started to bark at around 03:00 a.m. (18:30 in Chile). “We sensed that something was amiss, so I went to check it out, and we had to quickly exit our home,” Mohanan P. shared with India’s NDTV. Unfortunately, a landslide occurred and completely destroyed their property just after they evacuated.

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