“A Heartwarming Tale of a Woman Who Gave a Stray Kitten a Home and Changed His Fate”

When no one else was willing to take in a blind kitten, a compassionate woman opened her heart and home to the furry feline. Her kindness changed the course of the kitten’s life for the better.

Devin, a resident of Colorado, stumbled upon a Facebook post about a homeless kitten. The post sought to find someone willing to adopt a blind cat. According to Devin, nobody seemed interested in taking the kitten in until she came along. She described the kitten as a scruffy little fluff ball that she couldn’t resist helping. Upon taking the kitten to the vet, it was discovered that he was born blind as a result of congenital glaucoma. Sadly, one of his eyes was beyond repair due to the lack of medical attention from his previous owners. Devin expressed her disappointment at the previous neglect of the kitten, which led to the explosion of his eye from internal pressure caused by glaucoma.

In order to prevent infections, CJ had to have his right eye removed, earning him the nickname of “pirate cat”. However, he didn’t let this setback keep him down for long. After the successful surgery, CJ’s personality began to shine through even more brightly than before. His owners decided to introduce him to their dog, Bullet, and the two quickly became inseparable best friends.

CJ is quite the energetic character who doesn’t let anything hold him back. He’s already established himself as the top dog in the house. With his lively personality, he’s not afraid to make his presence known. You’ll definitely be aware when he’s hungry because he’ll make it known. If you happen to be eating, expect him to jump right onto your lap and beg for some grub.

Even though he is visually impaired, this feline is just as capable as any other cat. He has a remarkable sense of spatial awareness and can navigate his home with ease. In fact, he can sprint up and down the stairs like a pro! It’s fascinating to watch him in action. He loves to play hide-and-seek with his owners and will often hide in the basement, waiting for them to come downstairs so he can pounce on their feet. It’s clear that nothing can hold this adventurous cat back.

The cat with a pirate spirit relies on his other heightened senses to navigate his surroundings. Without sight, he can easily find toys, capture moving objects, and climb cat trees like other felines. Additionally, he has a powerful purr motor and enjoys cuddling.

Devin shared with Love Meow that despite CJ’s blindness, it has not hindered his overall well-being, as he remains a typical cat. CJ is a courageous feline who enjoys exploring and accompanying his owners on their escapades.

The tiny pirate cat has now matured and he never fails to impress his owners with his incredible abilities. He seems unstoppable in his endeavors.

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