A Joyful Pot Bellied Pig Raised among 5 Dogs Considers Himself as One of the Pack

Get acquainted with Chowder, a charming Vietnamese potbellied pig who challenges the popular belief that a dog is a person’s ultimate companion. Chowder shares a home in Southern California with his human buddy, Shelby Madere, and an unlikely group of animal pals. Joining forces with Chowder are five rescue dogs, namely Rika, Slick, Nya, James, and Bashe, collectively known as @piggypoo_and_crew. Despite dogs being the preferred choice for pets, Chowder proves himself to be equally adorable and affectionate as his furry buddies.

Vietnamese potbellied pigs are known for their intelligence and sociability. They enjoy being cuddled and thrive on human interaction, which Shelby is happy to provide. She posts adorable photos of her animal gang on Instagram and sees a bit of herself in all of them. Shelby understands that her love and dedication are crucial for ensuring the animals’ happiness, safety, and health. Meanwhile, Chowder embraces his individuality and plays merrily with his canine companions in the yard. He even has matching collars made to fit his unique size.

Chowder, Shelby, and their gang of unlikely animal buddies share an incredibly strong bond.

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