A Miraculous Encounter: Rescued Dog with Huge Tumor Beats the Odds with an Unexpected Surprise!

grace tumor pup in houston texas with animal justice league photo near tire

Grace roamed around the roads, looking malnourished and uncared for. Volunteers from Animal Justice League attempted to feed her and establish a bond, but their efforts to capture her went in vain. Houston Huts 4 Mutts, a community-based animal outreach team, utilized different sources to identify her location. Eventually, they found her hiding under a house and lured her out with food. To learn more about Houston Huts 4 Mutts’ initiative to put an end to dog chaining, click here.

When rescuers found Grace under a house in the area, they knew she needed immediate medical attention. Due to her poor condition, she was rushed to the Vergi 24/7 Animal Clinic in Houston. Grace was diagnosed with anemia, an infection, and parasitic infestations, so she was given blood transfusions, glucose, and antibiotics right away. The removal of a mass on her body was also a major concern, but thankfully, the veterinarians found that it was only in one area. Surgeons successfully removed it on February 5th, 2020, but they are still waiting for the test results to see if it was benign. To everyone’s surprise, Grace is believed to be just over a year old.

grace red dog tumor pup with beautiful brown eyes looking at rescuers

Grace’s mesmerizing eyes are a true sight to behold. Despite her tough past, she’s slowly but surely beginning to open up to those around her. It’s hard to imagine what kind of life she may have lived in such a short time, but luckily, caring rescuers are providing her with the love and attention she deserves. However, rescuing dogs like Grace requires a considerable amount of financial support. To provide for Grace’s initial medical expenses, including spaying and heartworm treatment, the Animal Justice League has started a fundraiser with the goal of raising $6,000. Every little bit helps towards giving Grace a chance at a happy and healthy life.

grace tumor pup on blanket waiting for vergi 24-7 ER doctor animal justice league houston texas

On her very first day at Vergi 24/7 Animal Hospital, Grace began a new chapter in her life. The Animal Justice League shared a plea on their Facebook page requesting assistance to help Grace. It’s saddening to think of what she has already endured. Despite this, we are determined to do everything possible to get her back on the road to recovery.

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