A Tale of Love and Loyalty: Retired Army Vet and Corrections Officer Welcomes Home a Devoted Belgian Malinois Pup

A heartening act unfolded when Gunner, a 25-pound pup of the Belgian Malinois breed, made a cheerful arrival at the Osceola County jail, pleasantly surprising his proud new owner, Keith Lynch, who is not just a corrections officer but also an Army veteran. The event began as a typical photo session for Lynch’s unit but turned out to be a memorable one. The sight of Gunner overwhelmed Lynch with happiness, and he expressed his elation, saying that he initially thought he had come for a routine photo session for his team but was pleasantly surprised to witness such an incredible moment.

In line with his family tradition, Lynch joined the army and served for four years before transitioning into a career in corrections, which he has pursued for 16 years. Despite encountering obstacles related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Lynch persisted and persisted in his desire to have an emotional support dog. With the help of a breeder who specializes in protection dogs and a trainer who offered free training services, Lynch’s dream finally came true.

According to Brianna Holzerland, owner of Hozerland Protection Dogs, the connection between people and pooches is unparalleled. She believes dogs have a special way of motivating their owners to get up each morning and tend to their needs, including feeding, watering, and walking. This daily routine helps establish a unique bond between humans and their furry companions. Brianna strives to foster this special connection with every dog she places in a new home.

The selected puppy, Gunner, is set to receive extensive training in multiple areas such as protection, sports, and adapting to different environments. His remarkable skills will allow him to confidently accompany Lynch and his family on their adventures. Kathryn Schreiner, who works at Marsoc’s K9 Training Facility, stated, “There’s nothing like enjoying life with your loyal four-legged companion.”
Belgian Malinois dogs possess outstanding qualities such as loyalty, courage, and eagerness to please, making them the perfect match for individuals like Lynch. Lynch eagerly expressed, “He’ll be our constant companion, accompanying us wherever we go.”

Going on trips won’t be lonely anymore, as our furry companions will always join us. According to the American Psychological Association, having a dog can greatly assist those with PTSD, proving that Gunner will positively affect Lynch’s overall health. This touching moment signifies the start of an unbreakable connection between a devoted veteran, a kind-hearted corrections officer, and their cherished Belgian Malinois pup, Gunner.

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