“A Tale of Resilience: Community Rallies Together to Save Cow that Lost Part of Her Nose in Farm Mishap”

At A Meat Farm, Part Of Her Nose Is Severed, And Hundreds Of People Band Together To Save Her

Numerous dog farms in China have been the subject of warnings and complaints from animal rescue groups. These organizations work tirelessly to save as many dogs as possible, rescuing them from the streets or taking them in and raising them before they are sent to slaughterhouses for their meat. One story that particularly stands out is of a dog named Lucy who had part of her nose severed at a meat farm. Fortunately, hundreds of people came together to help save her and give her a chance at a better life.

Each year, despite careful planning of rescue operations, countless furry companions continue to suffer. Angel, a mixed breed dog with Belgian Shepherd heritage, is among those affected.

A team of passionate advocates rescued a dog from a dreadful fate of being taken to a slaughterhouse in Changchun, along with a dozen other animals. Despite having sustained severe injuries, the pup had a charming personality and seemed contented to be in a place where she felt safe.

A few months after being rescued, Angel found a new home with Hollie Cornes, a skilled military dog trainer who has a wealth of experience with animals. Despite the terrible mistreatment that Angel had endured, Hollie was able to provide her with a fresh start. Angel quickly became a social media sensation, with her owner sharing photos and updates that attracted a large following of fans who wanted to support her on her journey to recovery. It was heartbreaking for all who saw the damage that had been inflicted on this innocent creature.

Angel seemed to be leading a comfortable life, but she was struggling with her breathing. Hollie had adopted her after she had undergone surgery in Beijing, but Angel faced a number of issues in the following months.

According to Hollie, the tools utilized to gather and handle puppies have caused damage to her nose. She mentioned that these instruments are quite terrifying.

Dealing with the problem of his dog’s nose was a very sensitive matter and the cost of treatment was exorbitant. Initially, the furry friend had to go through a tomography that cost nearly $3,000.

Hollie expressed her surprise when a lady from Instagram generously donated the money. Meanwhile, Angel had breathing difficulties since his nostril was partially blocked by displaced scar tissue, as per examinations.

According to Hollie, the problem with Angel’s condition was not a matter of preference. She believed that the dog deserved a better quality of life that was healthier and more comfortable. Angel had to rely on a tiny 2-millimeter opening for breathing, and her injury caused constant bleeding, making it hard for her to carry out everyday activities.

Hollie shared that due to her dog’s breathing difficulties, she and her family decided to opt for surgery. Fortunately, they were able to gather the necessary funds through a successful GoFundMe campaign. Many people were touched by the dog’s sad story and generously contributed to help her have a better life and enjoy traveling with her owner.

Let’s cheer for the amazing transformation that happened in Angel’s life! All furry friends out there also deserve a delightful conclusion just like this one. Spread the word and share this inspiring story!

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