Abandoned by Her Own Kin as the Tumors Grew: A Heartbreaking Tale

Instead Of Getting Help, Her Family Dumped Her As The Tumors Grew Bigger

As the tumors expanded, instead of receiving assistance, her family abandoned her.

Libby was left by her heartless owner when she developed tumors all over her body. However, she was luckily rescued and taken to a veterinarian. It was discovered that she had mast cell cancer and needed surgery. Despite the large tumor causing her inability to wag her tail, Libby remains a cheerful and kind dog despite all the hardships she has faced.

A caring family took in Libby and made the decision to spare her life instead of putting her down. Thankfully, Libby is now thriving after being abandoned by her previous owner during a time when she needed them the most. She is grateful for this second chance at life.

The current caretakers of this furry friend are unaware of the amount of time she has left, but they are determined to cherish every moment spent with her! Kindly share this heartwarming story with someone close to you.

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