“Abandoned Pit Bull Rescued from Freezing Dumpster Cage: A Tale of Bravery and Kindness”

The dog found by CBS Pittsburgh was in a terrible state, frightened and abandoned. It’s apparent that she had been used for breeding before being left behind. Thankfully, she was discovered and taken to the Humane Animal Rescue in Homewood, where she received the necessary care after nearly freezing to death. Dan Rossi, CEO of the rescue center, mentioned that the dog was in decent physical condition and had given birth to a few litters. Unfortunately, despite receiving aid, the dog remained shaken and nervous and refused to leave the safety of her kennel.

The reason for the dog’s abandonment is unknown. Unfortunately, pit bulls often face misconceptions and unfair prejudices. They are often viewed as aggressive and this stereotype has led to them being the most frequently abandoned dog breed. However, this particular pit bull was a kind and gentle soul. According to Dan Rossi from WPXI, she was timid and scared, but showed no aggression when examined or given medication.

As per the latest update, the owners of the dog have been discovered. However, they might end up facing charges related to animal cruelty. In such a scenario, the dog will be taken care of by the shelter authorities and will eventually be put up for adoption. On the other hand, if the owners are not charged, unfortunately, they will get their pet back. The authorities have a strong case against the owners because local law prohibits leaving animals outside for over 30 minutes when the temperature drops below 32 degrees or rises above 90. When the dog was found, it was shivering in the freezing cold. The only possibility of the owners getting their dog back is if they can prove that there was some misunderstanding about the whole situation.

Oh my goodness, this pup looks so sad. It breaks my heart to see her in this state. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone kind and loving comes along soon to adopt her and give her all the attention and care she deserves. Don’t forget to spread the word about her story!

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