“Beyond Ordinary Photography: Discovering the Enchanting Beauty of Latvia Through Infrared Images”

Pierre-Louis Ferrer, an expert in infrared and ultraviolet photography from France, took his personalized mirrorless camera with him on a trip to Latvia. His adventurous spirit allowed him to capture the beauty of the Eastern European country in a distinctive way while immersing himself in its environment. The amazing photographs he took depict Latvia’s national parks in a captivating manner, providing a remarkable perspective on the country.

When Ferrer visited Latvia for the first time, he was taken aback by the abundance of wildlife outside the city. Being a lover of nature, he found himself deeply inspired by the natural beauty around him. Ferrer was impressed by the vast forests in Latvia, where one can take leisurely walks while enjoying breathtaking landscapes from observation towers, as he shared with My Modern Met.

The photographer’s portfolio focuses solely on nature, devoid of any cityscape. His love for the natural world is evident in his work, as his infrared photography transforms lush greens into reddish-pink tones and turns blue skies into a colder shade. The Kemeri National Park, home to diverse wildlife and stunning bogs, particularly caught his eye. His use of infrared technology to capture the contrast between water and plant life in this environment creates captivating and unique images.

Intrigued by the way nature can overpower man-made structures, the French photographer embarked on a journey to an abandoned paper plant in Latvia. Surrounded by towering pine trees, the plant was slowly being enveloped by nature, with roots creeping in through windows and growing through the roofless structure. Through his art, the photographer hopes to inspire others to appreciate the power of nature. His panoramic shots of the Latvian woodland showcase the incredible beauty and resilience of the ecosystem, with only hiking trails indicating any human presence. This trip was especially meaningful for Ferrer, as it was his first outing since lockdown, providing a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life. Using infrared photography, he captured the essence of his journey to Latvia.

He was really drawn to the numerous natural locations in the small country.

With his very own specially crafted camera, his snapshots transform the world into a delightful array of cotton candy hues. His keen eye was able to capture breathtaking panoramic scenes of the lush pine forest, all viewed from towering observation decks.

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