“Canine’s 5-Year Daily Pilgrimage to Beloved Companion’s Resting Place Captivates the World”

Half a decade ago, there was a melancholic dog named Cesur who lost his beloved owner and best buddy, but his unwavering loyalty towards him proved to be timeless. His human companion, Mehmet Ilhan, who was 79 years old, passed away in a medical facility located in Bursa, Turkey. “Due to my father’s paralysis, they had a unique kind of bond,” stated Ali, Mehmet’s son, while speaking with The Dodo. “When my father was hospitalized during his final days, Cesur refused to eat.” Everyone was taken aback when they witnessed how the four-legged friend behaved during the funeral.

Cesur, the loyal dog of Mehmet, refused to leave his owner’s side even after his body was brought home. The dog led the funeral procession to a local mosque for Mehmet’s funeral and would not let anyone touch him until he was buried. Ali, Mehmet’s son, brought Cesur back home after the funeral, but the dog kept returning to the grave for the last five days. According to Ali, the cemetery workers said that the first thing Cesur does in the morning is visit Mehmet’s grave. Ali only realized this after he followed Cesur to the grave one day.

Each day, the animal goes back to the house it once lived in with its owner’s family and is given nourishment by the children. However, it always returns to the grave to curl up against the headstone and spend the night there. Despite receiving food and water from kind strangers passing by, the creature refuses to vacate the burial site. It is often observed lying on the ground or emitting a mournful cry. “Initially, I assumed it was a stray dog and attempted to assist, but it kept going back to the grave. I saw it there daily, leaving only occasionally for brief periods before coming back,” explained Keli. “I tried taking the dog home with me to provide foster care, but it’s heartbreaking to witness this scenario. It demonstrates how attached the animal was to its owner.” Keningau Prayitno, a 28-year-old who attempted to rescue the dog, added.

According to Ali, he is fully committed to providing comfort to the mourning pet. He expressed that Cesur is an honorable animal and he has decided to take him in under his care from now on.

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