“Capturing the Mystical Power of a Giant Wave: An Ontario Photographer’s Breathtaking Shot Resembles a Flawless Visage”

Cody Evans, a resident of Ingersoll, Ontario, captured approximately 10,000 pictures of Lake Erie during the lake-effect storm last Saturday. Out of those photographs, he stumbled upon one that resembled a creation of Poseidon. Evans has been passionate about photography, mainly focusing on wildlife and nature, since January 2020. Whenever he hears of high winds expected in Port Stanley of Lake Erie, he makes it a point to visit there. On Saturday, he set up his camera for a couple of hours in the freezing weather of -11 C. Evans had to wait until a 15-minute window opened up where the sun shone through the clouds before capturing the stunning image.

Cody Evans captured a stunning photo of Lake Erie, which he took using his trusty Nikon Z 9 camera. He shared that he likes to watch the water and snap photos when he sees waves about to crash into each other. With his camera’s ability to take 20 photos per second, he can easily capture the perfect shot.

Cody Evans captured a stunning photo of Lake Erie showing waves that were over six metres tall. He explained that he takes a sequence of photos to capture the full story of what’s happening before selecting his favourite shots, and the one he chose featured the perfect wave face.

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