“Cat Convert: How a Kitten Changed My Dad’s Mind About Felines”

Initially, Hira Khalid approached her father to look after her kitten, Bilu. However, he declined with a resolute refusal due to the expected mess. Hira, a student at the Pepperdine University, had recently welcomed Bilu into her life after adopting her from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles. She had developed an affectionate bond with her new furry companion.

Khalid expressed her admiration for her cat, Bilu, describing him as a loving and caring feline who happily snuggles with anyone on their lap. However, when she planned to go on a week-long trip to Mexico, she realized that she needed to find somebody reliable to take care of her precious pet. So, she turned to her parents, but her father was hesitant as he thought Bilu would behave like their old family cat, Bubba. Bubba was an indoor and outdoor cat who used to make a mess by leaving muddy paw prints everywhere. In addition, he wasn’t too clean with his litter and shed a lot of fur. Because of Bubba’s behavior, it’s been half a decade since Khalid’s parents had kept a cat as a pet.

Khalid made an effort to find someone else to take care of Bilu, but with no luck, she had to turn to her parents for help. Feeling a bit guilty, she convinced them by assuring them that Bilu was potty-trained and wouldn’t be a hassle. So, she left Bilu with her parents for a week while she went on vacation. Although Khalid was worried about how things were going at her parents’ place, she received some unexpected pictures from her dad a few days later. The photos showed her dad holding Bilu close to his neck, and this brought a sense of relief to Khalid.

Khalid expressed his surprise and joy at witnessing an unexpected bond between his dad and Bilu, the friendly cat. While he already knew that Bilu was an affable feline, he didn’t anticipate his father getting so close to the pet.

“My dad never does anything like that, you know, sending selfies,” she chuckled. “So when I got those pictures, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was totally unexpected.”

Once Khalid was back in Los Angeles, she went to pick up her son Bilu. Although her father didn’t offer to babysit again, she had a feeling that both her parents didn’t want to let him go.

Khalid mentioned that his pets showed signs of missing him when he was about to leave for his apartment. However, he currently has no intentions to travel again as he missed his pet dearly during his previous trip. In fact, Khalid admits to not wanting to leave his pet behind in the first place. This information was sourced from thedodo.com.

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