Chilly Pup Hastens towards Rescuer for Assistance

Last month in St. Louis, Missouri, the residents were getting ready to face the extreme weather condition, expecting record-breaking low temperatures and a vicious storm. Unfortunately, a brown and white dog named Mac was struggling on the icy streets with no shelter. Mac’s limp caught the attention of Alisha Nianello as she was driving by. Vianello is the executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians, and she knew that Mac needed help immediately. She felt sad to see Mac struggling and knew that he would not survive the below-freezing weather conditions if they did not lend him a hand.

Vianello and his colleague Jill Henke from Gateway Pet Guardians immediately stopped their vehicle and discussed how they could assist Mac. However, they didn’t need to come up with a complicated strategy as the friendly dog approached them with confidence. Vianello was impressed by Mac’s stunning eyes and relieved expression.

Vianello and Henke observed that Mac was hobbling. They were cautious not to harm his injured leg and handled him with care as they carried him into their vehicle. Nianello expressed, “He displayed affection and faith in us and appeared appreciative of the warmth after being exposed to the cold.”

Upon arriving at the shelter, a vet checked Mac’s condition and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers for his injured leg. The affectionate pup was then treated to a hearty meal, but couldn’t make up his mind between munching or cuddling, so he ended up doing both.

According to Vianello, the dog stopped eating his food midway just to snuggle with him. Despite being famished, the pooch was more interested in seeking love and affection.

Gateway Pet Guardians is currently offering Mac, an adorable pet, for adoption to a loving family. If you’re looking for a new furry friend, Mac could be the perfect fit in your life, according to Nianello. So, hurry up and adopt Mac to give him the forever home he deserves!

According to Vianello, Mac’s demeanor is incredibly sweet and endearing. He also mentioned that the pup has impressive stamina and strength.

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