Compassionate Elderly Man Collects Scraps Daily to Feed Stray Cats for Over Two Decades.

He is such a kind and affectionate individual. His actions exemplify what true love means. The felines in his life are truly fortunate to have him.

The generosity of this man is truly heartwarming, as he not only provides food for these cats but also receives love, appreciation, and peace of mind in return. It is admirable that Willie Ortiz, a 76-year-old veteran and scrap metal collector from Hartford, Connecticut, has dedicated the last 22 years of his life to feeding stray cats in his area without fail, braving any weather conditions. He goes above and beyond by collecting scrap metal to pay for their food and supplies, showing his genuine care for these animals. Moreover, he helps control the stray population by spaying and neutering them, demonstrating his commitment to their well-being. We thank you, Willie, for your unwavering kindness towards these feline friends.

There’s no denying that he has a heart of gold. We could use more individuals like him who are kind and giving in this world. Each day, Willie takes his car and drives around to gather leftover items that he can sell. But when the sun sets, he makes sure to pack tins of cat food and sardines, as he’s on his way to feed and care for the cats. It’s clear to see that the felines he takes care of are happy, healthy, and well-fed.

Willie’s occupation may be challenging, but it is his passion and source of happiness. He has dedicated his life to feeding stray and feral cats and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. This kind-hearted individual currently tends to 68 cats in 16 colonies every night, all year round, without missing a single night for the past 22 years. He goes above and beyond to ensure that these cats are well taken care of and have a good quality of life. We wish Willie a long, healthy life so he can continue his selfless work. His kindness truly shines through and inspires us all.

At the moment, he provides food for 68 cats, consisting of 16 colonies of stray and feral cats. He does this every night, all year round without fail for the past 22 years. His priority is ensuring that these cats have a good quality of life. We wish him a long and healthy life to continue his good work.

The gentleman mentioned possesses a truly loving and compassionate heart. Additionally, he exemplifies an unwavering commitment to his cause and maintains a high level of discipline in his endeavors. Surely, individuals such as him enhance the quality of life for everyone around them. Sending him blessings for his admirable love and care towards felines!

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