Creating a Cozy and Serene Nook in Your Home with Nature-inspired Design

The development is situated in a private area of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara. The concept behind this project is to design a small, yet natural space within its boundaries. Therefore, the entire structure faces towards the central area where sizeable glass walls offer a view of a water mirror located there. Additionally, this water mirror is complemented by a steel bowl at its centre, which holds a six-meter-tall black olive tree. This means that the natural element can be seen from almost any point inside the house.

a Mexican girl walking on concrete staircase in the from of house

The clients initially wanted a 3-level space that was functional and had open spaces with minimal materials needed for harmony. However, the design process took longer than expected due to changes in the project direction that emerged during development, while still staying true to the original concept. These new ideas enriched the project and led to the creation of a proactive proposal that fully satisfied the client’s needs. The architecture program includes a basement floor for parking, a multipurpose warehouse, and a central distributor, while the ground floor has a spacious social area with no solid elements, allowing for an unobstructed view of the central water mirror and semi-covered terrace at the back. The land area is 277.76 m2.

modern house with concrete staircase at the entrance

The ground floor of this 129.68 m2 house is connected to the upper floor via a wooden floating staircase. The central part of the upper floor contains a TV room that serves as a distributor to the bedrooms – two secondary rooms with a shared bathroom and one master bedroom with an attached dressing room and bathroom. A service room is also present on this floor. Another set of floating steps leads to a small terrace on the roof, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain.

The main facade of the house features walls with mortar plaster and paint in various shades of gray. The pedestrian access to the house is provided by a stairway made of washed concrete, marked by two slopes of grass on the sides. Vehicular access is provided by a ramp and a garage of flagstone. After completing the staircase route, an exterior hall creates a warm and inviting environment. The space features a Cumaru wood Deck floor with a view of a dry garden containing two large steel plate pots, each with a tree of the species arrayan. The space is delimited by tempered crystals and Cumaru wood lattices, allowing free visual access to the outside.

225 House in Jalisco, Mexico by 21 Arquitectos

After entering through the large parota stave door, we are greeted by a beautifully designed lobby with a polished concrete mat accompanied by a river stone top. The lobby also features a striking concrete wall that serves as both a structural element and a contrasting piece that blends perfectly with the project’s overall design. Once inside, we can admire the clear glass walls with stainless steel fittings that provide a view of the central water mirror, study, and terrace. The walls and slab are covered with plaster polished with matt white paint, creating a uniform look. The ground floor features Santo Tomas marble floors, while the outdoor terrace boasts a stunning wooden cumarú deck. Outside, a central water mirror with a black-painted steel sill periphery and loose river stones adds to the natural ambiance. The garden areas adjacent to the lateral water mirrors are lush with grass and vegetation. The main staircase and the one leading to the roof feature flown steps made of a ptr frame covered with beautiful parota wood.

modern living room design with luxury furniture

The home’s interior features a variety of carpentry made from parota wood, including doors, steps, bathroom furniture, closets, and lattices. Both the ground floor and upper floor have matching finishes, but the latter has a different type of flooring – engineered walnut in the TV room and bedrooms, and porcelain in the bathrooms and service area. Most of the furniture was designed specifically for this project, taking into account the contemporary aesthetic while incorporating warm materials like parota wood and gray-scale microfiber fabrics. This attention to detail ensures that each space, from the living room to the study, feels cohesive with the overall concept of the house.

staircase with wooden stapes and glass handrail

The office behind this project has come up with a unique design for the kitchen. It features a linear layout with a central island that has two bars made of black granite and parota wood, one side for grilling and the other for breakfast. The cabinets are made of high gloss wood with a central extraction for washing and preparing food, while the refrigerator and hot tower are placed on opposite sides. All the equipment, including the refrigerator, ovens, hood, and grill, are of the General Electric brand profile line.

For the exterior, the lighting is mostly indirect using courtesy lights to create different sensations of warmth and depth in each volume. Inside, lights are equidistantly placed in the sky, consisting mainly of small LED lamps with an intensity of 3w to 7w. In areas like the living room, dining room, and study, hanging lamps were proposed to generate specific luminosity while creating an aesthetic harmony with the composition as a decorative element throughout the day. Techno lite was the chosen supplier of lamps, except for the imported pendants.

All bathroom accessories, including taps, washbasins, and other fittings, were provided by Urrea’s Quadro line, while Helvex supplied the WC res.

house surrounded with green plants and tree

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living room with large window view to the garden courtyard

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reflection of tree leaves in the window glass

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girl standing near window in the house with inner garden

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kitchen design

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wooden deck at the backyard of the house

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cozy living room with comfortable sofa near staircase

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bathroom with wooden parquet floor and stone wall

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white washing basin made of ceramic stone

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a girl walking barefoot at the house backyard

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sunlight hitting Latina girl's face while standing near wall

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sunlight hitting the dining table and chairs

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dining table and chairs

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wooden dining table and chairs at night

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luxury kitchen design

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the entrance of the house with concrete staircase

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225 House in Jalisco, Mexico by 21 Arquitectos


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house facade with white stucco and glass


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Mexican girl walking toward street on the concrete steps of the entrance door


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house surrounded with green trees and plants


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house with illumination at the facade during the night


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house illuminated with artificial lights at night

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225 House in Jalisco, Mexico by 21 Arquitectos

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concrete staircase steps with led lighting

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modern house in Mexico with illumination at night

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225 House in Jalisco, Mexico by 21 Arquitectos

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house with inner courtyard at night

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