Dedicated Man Gives Love and Care to Senior Dogs in Need of a Forever Home

Man Devotes His Life To Adopting Old Dogs Who Can’t Find Forever Homes

A compassionate man has dedicated his life to providing forever homes for old dogs that have trouble finding new owners. He has made it his mission to adopt and care for these furry friends, giving them the love and attention they deserve in their golden years. This selfless act of kindness has earned him great admiration and respect from animal lovers all over the world. His heartwarming efforts serve as a reminder that every dog deserves a loving home, no matter their age or circumstances.

Meet Steve Greig, a Colorado-based accountant who shares his home with a lovely family of furry friends. His household comprises ten dogs, mostly senior citizens, along with two cats, a delightful pig named Bikini, two ducks, two pigeons, two chickens, and one rabbit. He has a deep fondness for all these animals, especially the older dogs, who find it challenging to find new homes due to their age. This is Steve’s way of dedicating himself to their care.

Corey shared that he had a childhood filled with furry friends. His parents, who shared his love for animals, allowed him to have any pet he desired as long as he could take good care of it. On the other hand, Steve had a soft spot for dogs, and he always had three or four of them around his house. Unfortunately, one of his beloved pets passed away, leaving him feeling lost and devastated. Even after several weeks passed, Corey still couldn’t shake off the sadness. Eventually, he realized that the only way to move on was to do something positive that wouldn’t have happened if his furry friend hadn’t passed.

Following the loss of his beloved companion, this individual made it a personal mission to provide a dog with a happy and fulfilling existence. He visited a nearby animal shelter and chose to adopt the pooch that had the slimmest probability of being taken in. Corey recounted bringing home Eeyore, a senior Chihuahua afflicted with a heart murmur and struggling with leg issues. This was just the start of his journey with various creatures.

Corey looks after a total of ten dogs, out of which only eight are his own. The remaining two belong to his sister and roommate. Since they all have different dietary requirements, Corey has to wake up at an early hour of 5 a.m. every day to cook breakfast for all of them.

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