“Discovering the Missing Wiener Dog with a Gigantic Noggin that Turns Heads”

Many of us purchase collars for our furry friends, whether it be for walking them or to attach a name tag for security if they happen to wander away.

As your adorable little puppy grows older, you’ll need to invest in a new collar that fits them better. After all, the initial collar you purchased when they were young will eventually become too tight and uncomfortable for your furry friend.

As your furry friend grows up, you might need to invest in a fresh collar as the old one won’t fit snugly anymore. Keeping the same collar could be harmful for your pet, causing them discomfort and even choking hazards. So, it’s always better to replace it with a larger one to ensure their safety and comfort.

Prior to being rescued by Animal Help Unlimited in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, Nancy had a string wrapped around her head which had caused her skull to inflate. Fortunately, the kind-hearted folks at the sanctuary removed the string and helped Nancy recover. The owner of a furniture shop also goes the extra mile to provide homeless dogs with a warm place to sleep. A video of a sleeping dog allowing a herd of young goats to use him for jumping exercises has also captured the hearts of over 1 million viewers. With the help of these compassionate individuals, Nancy is now a happy and grateful dog. Don’t hesitate to share her story!

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