“Double-eared and One-eyed Feline Finds Love and Happiness in a New Home”

People often try to avoid suffering as it is not a positive experience. However, cats handle hardships differently and strive to rise above them. Frankie, a unique feline with four ears and an overbite, is an example of this resilience. Despite losing an eye due to an operation, Frankie’s endearing demeanor and cuteness remain unaffected. This little ball of purr was found under a suburban house with his sibling and has since become a celebrity cat. Dive into his heartwarming story and check out his social media for more adorable pictures.

Meet Frankie, also known as Frankenkitten. He and his siblings were discovered hiding under a suburban house with their feral mother by the homeowners. Unfortunately, some of Frankie’s brothers didn’t make it. Feeling sympathy for the kitties, the homeowners took two of them home and gave them plenty of food before taking them to the shelter for medical attention and to find new homes. Out of all the cats, Frankie stood out due to his unique appearance. He had four ears, which was quite dramatic, and one of his eyes had been removed. Despite his rough exterior, Frankie is a lovable and special kitty who deserves a loving forever home.

Georgi Anderson, a compassionate employee at an animal shelter, took on the responsibility of caring for Frankie, a foster pet who needed to recover from an eye infection. Anderson shared that Frankie’s eye had to be removed to prevent the infection from becoming septic and ultimately taking his life. Thanks to Anderson’s kind-heartedness, Frankie is on the road to recovery.

Additionally, his facial features are defined by a prominent overbite that accentuates his angular appearance. Frankie was brought to the animal shelter with both eyes intact, but unfortunately one had ruptured and required removal. Moreover, he faces joint issues in his hind legs, as his knees do not align correctly, causing him to walk with splayed legs and experiencing frequent dislocations. These were the further details shared by the speaker.

It was a real challenge to save Frankie. The kind-hearted foster caregiver had to prioritize him over her own finances. Due to his sharp teeth, it was difficult for Frankie to eat wet food, so he required immediate dental surgery. Additionally, his legs needed urgent medical attention to ensure they were stable. The little kitty deserved all the help he could get.

Anderson was amazed by the swift bonding that occurred between her and Frankie shortly after bringing him home. She was enamored with the cat’s gentle demeanor and distinct personality. To her surprise, Frankie quickly adjusted to his new surroundings, displaying his peculiar traits as he explored the house. Anderson visited Frankie before his eye surgery and was touched by his sweet nature. After a short period of recovery at home, she realized that he was truly unique in a way that she couldn’t quite put into words. Although Frankie had arrived at the shelter with two eyes, one had ruptured and required removal.

Frankie is a unique feline with a special gift – he was born with four ears. Anderson, Frankie’s owner, recently revealed to the public how his little ears and big ears function together. According to Anderson, Frankie’s smaller front ears serve as cute earmuffs which mildly affect his directional hearing. Interestingly, Frankie’s additional ears do not hinder his ability to hear properly.
Moreover, Frankie underwent an eye removal surgery that saved his life from a possible septic infection. The procedure, though unfortunate, allowed him to survive and thrive in good health.

Frankie’s night vision isn’t as good as other cats’ due to his absent eye, but he has adjusted to it quite well. The cat faces a challenge when it comes to his jaw because he struggles to eat wet food due to his inability to grasp it properly. Therefore, Frankie is only on a dry food diet and has learned to pick up kibble using his tongue instead of his teeth. Anderson shares that she worked at the animal shelter when Frankie was brought in and was asked to foster him during his recovery from the eye removal.

How can we put a damper on the exuberance of this marvelous creature? The foster mother fully embraced his playful nature, despite his leg issues.
According to her, his splayed legs don’t cause him any pain or hinder his ability to frolic and jump.
Frankie’s usual day consists of finding cozy spots to nap and surprising her every morning as she prepares breakfast – he enjoys attempting to climb up her leg and then scampering away like a madman.

What really won me over wasn’t just his appearance, but also his gentle personality and curious nature. He enjoyed exploring his environment and seeking comfort from me.

Moreover, it’s impossible to resist the charming mischievousness of Frankie the feline. He thoroughly enjoys interacting with his fellow household companions including Lucius Malfoy, Minako, and Toothless. In addition, he takes pleasure in chasing cars as if they were toys. Anderson notes that Frankie’s personality is not only playful and sassy, but also filled with an abundance of love. He has a knack for sensing when his human mom is down in the dumps and consoles her with plenty of comforting purrs.

Frankie’s typical routine consists of finding new spots to take a nap throughout the day. However, each morning he likes to surprise me by pouncing on me while I’m preparing breakfast. He enjoys attempting to climb up my leg before running off like a wild animal.

Having fun with his sibling Lucius Malfoy and causing a bit of trouble for his older siblings Minako and Toothless.

The woman described her one-of-a-kind cat as not only sweet but also lacking in intelligence, which is a characteristic seen in other four-eared felines. She believed that her cat would not do well outside due to his playful nature, where he might mistake cars for toys. However, she adored his loving and affectionate personality and mentioned how he seemed to understand when she had a hard day. She even compared his personality to that of a dog. Additionally, the woman shared that her furry friend slept excessively and enjoyed teasing their dogs, making him quite a mischievous character.

Frankie, the adorable rescue dog, has garnered a whopping 50,000 followers on Instagram. His fans shower him with love and affection in the form of countless heart emojis. Anderson captures Frankie’s daily routine, and each video is a testament to the pooch’s irresistible charm. In his latest video, we see Frankie frolicking under the sun, playing with the sleeve of a hoodie. His cuteness is simply too much to handle!

Frankie has captured the hearts of numerous individuals, enamored by his unique flaws and idiosyncrasies.

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