Embrace Love: A Candid Memoir by Sonya Curry on Raising NBA Star Sons and Embracing Faith Through the Lens of Motherhood

Sonya Curry, the mother of NBA stars Stephen and Seth Curry, is preparing to launch her new memoir on May 3 titled “Fierce Love.” The book will detail her journey raising her family, her passion for education, and how her faith helped her overcome difficult times. As an educator herself, Sonya hopes her story can inspire others to find meaning and determination in their own lives. She stresses the significance of prayer, living with purpose, showing love fiercely and laughing every day. Sonya’s book promises to be an inspiring and uplifting read.

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Sonya, who was once married to NBA legend Dell Curry, is sharing her life story in her new book titled “Fierce Love”. As a mother of three accomplished children – Stephen (34), Seth (31), and Sydel Curry-Lee (27) – Sonya talks about her upbringing in rural Virginia, her challenges in raising her talented children, her experience in founding a Montessori school, and her journey towards finding solace in her faith. Alongside the book, Sonya is co-hosting the “Raising Fame” podcast, with her children showing their unwavering support and admiration for her latest venture.

Sonya Curry with her sons

Stephen, who is a well-known member of the Golden State Warriors, has revealed that his mother has been a constant source of inspiration, faith, rules, and gratitude for him and his siblings right from the beginning. Seth, also a professional basketball player with the Brooklyn Nets, echoes the same sentiment by acknowledging their mother’s unwavering support during their childhood. He mentions that “growing up, my mom was always the one to push us to be better.” Sydel, their sister, is excited for people to get to know their mother through her compelling story and witness firsthand how she has been a rock for their family.

Sonya Curry with daughter Sydel

During a recent interview with PEOPLE, Stephen Curry talked about his mother’s remarkable commitment and altruism towards society. As an educator, she always prioritized philanthropy, be it counseling pupils or reassuring parents. Stephen was a witness to his mother’s sacrifices she made to help others, and this encounter left a deep impact on him. The admirers of the Curry family are eagerly waiting to know more about their motivational account through Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose, which is set to release on May 3rd.

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