“Feline Finds New Home After Dozing on Street, Delighted by Love and Attention”

One hot day in July, a resident of Montreal stumbled upon a lone kitten lying on the roadside. The poor creature was frail and weak, in dire need of help. The concerned finder took to the internet hoping that someone would come to the kitten’s rescue. Fortunately, Dan, a local animal lover, responded promptly along with another volunteer named Lucy. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered that the kitten was only 5-6 weeks old, emaciated, and suffering from dehydration, an eye infection, and a high fever.

The little feline remained still, unable to open his eyes as they had become stuck together. The kind caretakers washed him up and provided him with nourishment. Afterwards, he was taken to a veterinary room where he was given antibiotics and received treatment for his eyes. Despite his weakened state, the kitten expressed his gratitude by purring constantly.

A group of animal welfare advocates in Montreal rescued a kitten and provided him with shelter in a foster home. They cared for him until he recovered and named him Marvel.

After experiencing a cold, the kitten bounced back quickly and his recovery led to the growth of his brown fur over the following weeks. However, at 9 weeks old, his owners noticed that he was shedding his long coat and only had a short undercoat remaining.

According to Celine Krom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal, Marvel has started shedding his brown fur. The cute little kitten still has some long hair on his body, but mostly short hair everywhere else. Although they were unsure what caused this rare molting, the kitten is doing great and recovering well from his illnesses. His eyes are now clean, and his runny nose has disappeared.

Each day, Marvel seems to be more energized and alive. According to his owner, he is a friendly and laid-back cat. He loves to interact with other cats and enjoys sleeping close to his humans.

Marvel, a street cat, has become a lively kitten with a captivating gaze and positive outlook at only 12 weeks old. This second chance at life has made him incredibly happy, knowing that he is loved and will never have to be alone again!

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