“Feline Flexibility: 20 Hilarious Photos of Cats Who Contort Like Liquids”

Science has only been able to discover three states of matter, but there is a fourth state that remains mostly unknown: the state of cat. This state exists somewhere between solids and gases.

20 Cats Who Think They're Liquid

Have you ever wondered if your feline friend is made of liquid? Look out for these unmistakable signs:
1. They have a knack for adapting to the shape and size of their surroundings.

cat sleeping in sink

One example would be vases.

cat sleeping in glass vase

At times, the receptacle may stretch or experience tension due to the bulkiness of its contents. This can result in a chonky appearance. However, if the container becomes excessively strained, it may lead to disastrous consequences!

big cat in small box

4. When cats fit into a space, they love to move around and explore.
5. If you fill the container beyond its limit, it becomes vulnerable to toppling.

cats are liquids

These creatures have the unique ability to squeeze themselves into small spaces like cracks, crevices, and other narrow gaps. As temperatures fluctuate, they can expand outward to adapt to their surroundings.

cat wedged between microwave and wall

Similar to a fizzy drink, the items in a package can be unstable, therefore it is advisable to give them some time to settle down after being transported.

20 Cats Who Think They're Liquid

When drains get blocked, they can create a hindrance.

cats are liquid

It’s typical for these items to be moved around using the “three Bs”: buckets, bowls, and…

cat in bucket

Oh, and don’t forget about the purses!

cats are liquids

10. Although they possess a specific size, they do not possess a particular form.

cats are liquid

11. In case the container you use has pores, your contents will leak out.

cat spilling out of plastic bucket

cats are liquid

Solids and liquids differ in density, which means that liquids can sometimes be heavier than solids. This poses a challenge when it comes to transportation, requiring innovative solutions to move them effectively.

cat in basket backpack

Don’t forget to have some towels within reach to make cleaning up a breeze.

cats are liquids

Observing the liquid cat phenomenon can be a challenge even for ordinary scientific tools.

cat in scale

There exists a variety of substances that come in different forms. Some are classified as pure liquids, while others are liquid mixtures.

cats in plastic bin

Liquid substances have particles that can move smoothly and slide past each other, yet they are still drawn towards one another.

cats sleeping in basket

They gather in the locations where you would anticipate finding them…

liquid cat sleeping in giant seashell

19. …and perhaps a few that are not to your liking.

cat in guitar case

It’s advisable not to let this situation of watercatlogging prolong. Based on the available evidence, it’s safe to say that cats are indeed liquid. Do you have a cat that’s a master of contortion? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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