Feline Love Story: Chatty Kitty Discovers Soulmate and Lives Happily Ever After.

An animal shelter in North Carolina received a calico kitten along with her littermates. The kitten was notably smaller than the rest and was lagging behind in her development. She still needed frequent bottle feedings around the clock. While the other rescue took the rest of her siblings, they couldn’t provide a bottle feeder for the little calico. So, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue was contacted to take her in, and they immediately picked her up. Given the arrival date of May 5th, the kitten was named Cinco or Cici for short. She was so tiny at the time and had a lot of growing left to do. The founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, Sarah Kelly, shared that the little one was very vocal about her desire for love and care from the start.

Cici made great progress in the following days, and her unique personality shone through. She remained talkative, sharing all the exciting moments of her day with her foster mother, who tended to her every need. Cici was self-assured and independent, resembling a little princess who did everything at her own pace, which was quite delicate and careful.

After receiving the green light from her medical check-up, Cici was introduced to a few other foster kittens in a roomy space. One of her new companions, Gaia, was an adorable tuxedo kitten that strutted around with a sense of pride and contentment. Just like Cici, Gaia was also rescued as a lone kitten and was overjoyed to have some feline playmates around her age.

As she relaxed, a calico cat made her way towards her and snuggled up to her, as if they were long lost siblings. Despite having a group of other feline friends, she preferred to stick with Gaia, always staying close by. According to Sarah, who shared the story with Love Meow, the two cats bonded instantly and could often be found snuggling and playing together.

While the other kittens were running around and causing chaos, Cici had a different approach. She would run over to her foster mom as soon as she saw her. Cici preferred to sit and observe the other kittens as they played, usually from the comfort of her foster mom’s lap or shoulder. Though she did occasionally join in, her play style was much more delicate compared to the rough and tumble antics of the other kittens. This earned her the title of “tiny little diva.”

Cookie and Cici, who have been renamed Gaia, are all set to embark on exciting new adventures together. They are going to make their new abode brim with cheerful purrs and boundless happiness.

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