Feline Rescued from Streets Finds Comfort in Doll Bed Every Night

Sophie the feline was rescued from a crowded and unhealthy environment when she was just three years old. She was among a group of animals who were confined in cages stacked on top of each other. Fortunately, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) took her in, and she was eventually adopted into a loving family.

Sophie is an affectionate and adorable cat who craves the company of her parents. When she was first adopted, she would climb up to the top of her parents’ dresser and sleep there all night. It seemed like she wanted to keep a watchful eye on her parents and wake up with them in the morning. Despite her parents’ attempts to invite her to sleep in their bed, she insisted on the dresser. Eventually, her parents cleared off the dresser and placed her bed on top. Since then, Sophie spends every night on her bed on the dresser close to her beloved parents.

Sophie, the protagonist of this story, sleeps on a bed that is a smaller version of a human bed. Her bedding includes rotating sets of sheets and comforters that make her feel comfortable and cozy throughout the night. Sophie’s mother tucks her in every night, and she doesn’t leave her bed until around 3 am for a snack. After her snack, she goes back to bed and remains there until her mother’s alarm goes off in the morning.

Sophie’s mom decided to create an Instagram account for her daughter, showcasing her adorable sleeping habits. Some people have raised concerns about whether Sophie is being forced to pose in bed for the photos.

Sophie chooses to sleep in her bed every night, as she desires to be near her parents. She likes to follow their routine and sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Sophie, despite her fondness for being cozy indoors, has an undeniable adoration for the great outdoors. Her owner, Viscusi, mentions that even at the mere mention of going outside, Sophie immediately runs towards her to get her harness put on. She relishes spending hours outside, monitoring the yard and keeping a watchful eye. Upon Viscusi’s return from work, Sophie eagerly awaits to step outside and circle her owner until it’s time to go out. Acknowledging Sophie’s anticipation, Viscusi ensures that they spend at least an hour outside as part of their daily routine.

Viscusi observed that one of her neighbor’s cats, Scottie, began tailing her and Sophie during their outdoor excursions a year after Sophie’s adoption. Over time, Scottie’s interest in Sophie grew stronger, and he trailed behind them more closely. Eventually, whenever Sophie ventured outside, Scottie was always right beside her.

Sophie’s mother didn’t pay much attention at first, but she later discovered that Scottie had been rescued from a hoarding situation and adopted at around the same time as Sophie. It’s possible that they were both at the same place and ended up in different shelters. This makes them wonder even more, especially because Scottie’s owners claim that he usually doesn’t get along with other cats, yet he seems to adore being around Sophie.

It’s hard to determine if Scottie and Sophie were raised in the same household. Nonetheless, they share an undeniable affection for each other and relish every moment spent together.

Viscusi shared that whenever they are outside together, the dog always runs to them to hang out. During summer, it happens multiple times a week. If the dog notices them on their balcony from his lawn, he cries up at them and waits at their backdoor for them to bring her out. Viscusi finds it adorable.

Despite facing a difficult start to life, Sophie’s positive attitude and zest for life remain unshaken. Her past struggles have not dampened her kind-hearted nature in any way. Sophie truly appreciates having a comfortable bed to sleep in, a playmate to enjoy her time with, and a loving family that will cherish and care for her for the rest of her life.

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