“Feline’s Heartwarming Makeover: How Finding Her Forever Mom Brought Out Her Brightest Smile”

Kate Perillo stumbled upon Sad Mouth Sam’s pictures online while living miles away in Tucson, Arizona. The charming Siamese cat’s uniquely beautiful appearance, with her oversized lips and crossed eyes, caught Perillo’s attention. She couldn’t stop thinking about Sam and decided to take a chance by contacting her owner. This simple act ended up changing both their lives in ways they never expected.

A cat with inflamed lips looks into the camera.

Perillo shared that although she is not a superstitious individual, she firmly believes that adopting a pet should feel right. She had an instant connection with Sam when she saw her picture. Sam was part of a feral cat colony under Poet Square Cats and had eosinophilic granuloma complex. This allergy was triggered by either food or environment, which caused inflammation in her mouth. With proper medication, including a steroid shot and an antibiotic coupled with a move to indoors, Sam’s mouth healed within a few months. Perillo mentioned that Sam is missing three of her front teeth, but it does not affect her in any way.

A Siamese cat with crossed eyes and inflamed lips poses for the camera.

Perillo had a childhood surrounded by Siamese cats alongside her mother. However, after losing her last cat and her mother, she decided to adopt a new furry companion. She came across Sam’s photos and was immediately smitten, prompting her to fly from Massachusetts to meet Sam in person. It took her a few years to feel ready for a new chapter with another four-legged friend, but seeing Sam’s silly face in the pictures made her realize it was time. Perillo expressed her love for Sam and is thrilled to have her as a new companion.

A Siamese cat rests her hand on a windowsill.

Sam is now feeling much better and her cheerful personality is shining through. She enjoys basking in the sunshine on Perillo’s enclosed balcony and watching birds from her favorite window. Playtime is also a big part of her day. Perillo explains that Sam is a clever and talkative cat who enjoys having conversations with humans and making her desires known. For example, if she wants to play with the feather wand, she will meow and lead you to it before using both paws to grab and lift it by the handle, indicating exactly what she wants you to do.

A Siamese cat looks directly into the camera.

Sam has gone through a lot, but she’s now living the life she rightfully deserves. In fact, Perillo believes that Sam’s significance goes beyond just being a companion.

Cat lays on bed and looks up at camera.

According to Perillo, pets can be beneficial to one’s mental health, and she agrees with this statement from personal experience. She asserts that owning a pet after the passing of her mother has been helpful in keeping her memory alive.

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