“From Abandoned to Adored: How Fate Changed the Life of a Blind Father Dog Once Used in a Puppy Factory”

Benki, a poor pooch, was left behind in the streets of Lara, Venezuela on November 5th. Unfortunately, he was completely blind and had also lost his right hind leg.

Benki also exhibited signs of being a victim of sexual abuse, which is common among male dogs from puppy farms or mills. These are places where the parent dogs are discarded when they can no longer produce offspring for profit. In Benki’s case, his captors may have blinded him to prevent him from running away, and he was also subjected to an attack that resulted in the amputation of his right hind leg.

Thankfully, the X-ray results showed no significant internal damage to Benki. However, his emotional state is a major concern as he struggled with being blind and became lost easily. He cried out loudly, prompting the veterinarian to try and soothe him by talking to him extensively.

The good news is that he’s an intelligent adult canine.

After spending a week in the shelter, he noticed a significant improvement in his emotional state. Additionally, he was able to master the skill of identifying the direction of speech within a span of about 10 days of training.

Benki has become a completely normal dog now. He put on some extra weight due to a lack of physical activity. However, his foster parent is doing everything possible to help him feel secure again. They motivate him to move up and down stairs in the shelter and give him unlimited love and affection.

The search for a new forever home for him is still ongoing.

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