From Abandoned to Beloved: The Heartwarming Story of a Husky’s Transformation from Chain to Family Pet

Nеglесtеd Huskу Whо Spеnt Ovеr 10 Yеars On A Chain Embraсеs Bесоming A Familу Dоg

A Husky that was once neglected and forced to live on a chain for more than a decade is now finally receiving the love and care it deserves after a twist of fate brought it into a loving family’s home. It’s a heartwarming story of transformation from a lonely chains-only existence to a happy and cherished family pet.

In New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, emergency responders arrived at the scene of a 911 call after a roof from a demolition project collapsed. While surveying the area, they noticed a Husky that was chained in the backyard of the property.

Cloud was a thin and undernourished dog, burdened with a large weight on his back. He stood on the frozen earth, encircled by feces. His shelter was a truck topper, but it did not provide enough warmth to endure the freezing temperatures.

In Pennsylvania, leaving dogs outside in the cold for over half an hour is considered a crime under Libre’s Law. The owners of a dog named Cloud were found to be breaking this law and were informed by Hillside SPCA. As a result, Cloud was handed over to the organization.

During Cloud’s visit to the vet, it was revealed that he was deaf and had a perianal adenoma, which was caused by not being neutered. The vets were hesitant to operate on him due to his age, estimated to be between 10 to 12 years old. Instead, he was given medication to help manage his condition.

The Husky was struggling being cooped up inside a shelter as he wasn’t used to it, making him anxious and restlessly pacing around all day. To help ease his discomfort, Tricia Moyer, the assistant shelter manager for Hillside SPCA, reached out to Eleanor Garrett from Senior Dog Haven and Hospice to inquire if they could take him in temporarily.

Cloud, who had probably never been indoors before, was struggling to adapt to his new surroundings. He kept walking aimlessly and bumping into things, which worried Tricia. She pointed out that he was behaving strangely and didn’t seem like a typical dog. Eleanor wanted to help Cloud feel comfortable, but he kept avoiding her and her kids. Eventually, she decided to give him some space, and it seemed to work.

Upon entering the laundry room to check up on Cloud, Eleanor was pleasantly surprised when she felt his paw swipe at her foot in a friendly gesture. Cloud seemed to be asking for some affection, so Eleanor leaned down to pet him. To her amazement, he started giving her kisses and would not stop until she stopped petting him. Eleanor shared with the Dodo that Cloud’s behavior had drastically improved since then. She believes that Cloud had finally realized that they were kind and safe people who only wanted to care for him. From that day on, Cloud became more and more comfortable and joyful around them.

In no time, he discovered that he could venture out into Eleanor’s enclosed yard, but he found the indoor setting much more inviting. With the help of Eleanor’s other six furry friends, Cloud gradually began to unwind and feel more at ease. Just when Eleanor thought he was prepared to move on, a loving couple crossed his path and decided to give him a forever home. Cloud took an instant liking to his new family and felt right at home from the start. They even created a list of activities for him to enjoy that he had never had the chance to experience before.

Titus, formerly known as Cloud, has been enjoying long walks and sleeping in a spacious orthopedic bed since his rescue. He is even getting a doggy massage from someone who heard about his story. With his new life as a family dog, he has been given a fitting new name. If you ever come across a dog like Titus who has been left out in the cold, check out “What to Do if You See a Dog Left Outside in Cold Weather” for some helpful tips.

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