From Flea-Infested to Authorities-Notified: A Tale of Canine Inspection

It’s unfortunate that there are individuals who are not fit to have pets or even be around them. A while back, Hayden Howard observed a concerning incident with her pet dog. Her English Mastiff, Jackson, was playing outside in the backyard while she was inside. When she called him, it appeared like he was being attacked by some kind of bug. However, upon closer inspection, she discovered the situation was far more severe. Jackson had been trapped in a bullet wound.


Hayden was taken aback when she discovered that Jackson had been shot and didn’t know what to do. She quickly took him to the vet, Set, who conducted a thorough examination on the poor pup. It was revealed that Jackson had multiple small bullet wounds from a BB gun, with some lodged under his eyelid, in his ear, and even in his knee. In order to remove the plastic cover and access the bullets, Jackson’s fur had to be shaved off. Set was able to extract 27 bullets, but unfortunately, 20 had to be left in place.


Furthermore, the veterinarian discovered an additional 20 bullet punctures on Jackson’s tiny frame, totaling to over 70 gunshot wounds. The Assistant Superintendent of Police, Seymour Craig Hayes, expressed his dismay by stating that he had never witnessed such a severe case of animal abuse. The incident was tragic and heart-wrenching to observe.


I can’t fathom why anyone would put a dog’s life in danger, especially when the furry companion hasn’t hurt anyone. The authorities are probing into the matter of someone firing shots at a poor dog from an adjacent yard and have been diligently tracing the culprit. Soon enough, they managed to recover the firearm and ammunition that were stashed away in a neighbor’s house. Interestingly, the search also revealed methamphetamine and drug-related items in his residence, besides a BB gun and ammo.


I sincerely wish that the individual who committed this heinous act receives a lengthy jail time and is held accountable for their actions. I strongly believe that they will never have the opportunity to be near an animal again once released. Hayden has reported that Jackson is recuperating well despite the severe injury. It’s important to note that BB guns and pellet guns are frequently deemed as “toys” or “pretend” by some media outlets; however, they are legitimate firearms that can inflict actual harm.


When someone uses a BB gun or a bullet gun to commit a crime, it’s essential to recognize that it is still a real firearm. Anyone who uses it to harm innocent people should be held accountable. My thoughts are with Jackson, and I hope he makes a swift recovery and can enjoy playing in his backyard again soon.

Reporting instances of animal cruelty to the authorities is crucial in ensuring the safety of our furry friends and bringing perpetrators to justice. This situation is a reminder that we must remain vigilant and take action whenever we detect signs of animal abuse or neglect.

As individuals, we can make a significant impact by advocating for the welfare of animals. By speaking out, taking action, and involving the appropriate authorities, we can help create a kinder and safer world for animals in need.

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