From Near Death to Beauty: Tiggy’s Incredible Transformation – The Most Unforgettable Pet Case in 15 Years!

Tiggy left for dead, ‘worst pet case in 15 years’ – now she’s a beautiful dog again

Tiggy, a neglected pet left to die, was deemed the “worst pet case in 15 years.” However, with proper care and attention, she has transformed into a beautiful dog once again.

A couple who were ill have been convicted for neglecting and starving their Lurcher dog to death, which is one of the most horrific instances of animal cruelty that investigators have witnessed. The accused, Kerry Patterson (35) and Reece Milburn (30), claimed to have found Tiggy, a three-year-old dog, abandoned on the roadside and notified their local council.

When an officer from an animal protection agency visited a home in Blyth, Northumberland, he observed an animal in the worst state he had witnessed in his 15 years of service. The animal in question, Tiggy, was captured on camera with little to no fur and protruding ribs due to her malnourished state.

Tiggy, the poor pooch, had a lot of health issues when she was found – she was severely dehydrated and had rashes and mites all over her. She was so weak that standing up was just impossible. The world got to know about her sad state when her pictures went viral right before Christmas in 2019. As a result, Northumberland County Council made an appeal to find her owners.

After a few days, many letters were received by the council claiming that Tiggy belonged to Patterson and Milburn. On March 3, the couple appeared in court and admitted to causing harm to a protected species and neglecting their Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Enzo, another one of their dogs, is currently dealing with skin issues and mites.

The pair received a sentence of 12 weeks in jail, along with a lifelong ban on owning or caring for animals, and were ordered to pay a £120 victim fee each. The incident was described by a council representative as one of the most atrocious and well-known cases of animal abuse in the region. The animal welfare team worked tirelessly to investigate and prosecute such cases of neglect and cruelty. Despite the two-year wait, justice was ultimately served in the case of Tiggy’s former owners. The attorney expressed satisfaction with the outcome.

The diligent efforts of the Berwick Animal Rescue Centre team brought about a happy conclusion to Tiggy’s story. With good health and cheer, she now enjoys a fresh beginning with dog companions in a new home, complete with a new name.

Enzo, the other furry companion of the couple, is currently residing in a kennel and patiently hoping to be adopted by a loving family soon.

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