From Neglect to Love: The Inspiring Journey of a Persian Cat Who Overcame Blindness

Meet Moet, a charming Persian kitty with luscious white fur that went through a lot during his early life. After being hit by an infectious illness that caused blindness, he turned into a crusader for stray kittens.

The little one came into this world on a farm that wasn’t exactly operating by the books. The animals’ well-being was not a top priority, as profit was the main goal. Sadly, this is the case for many farms – their focus is on making money rather than properly caring for their adorable creatures.

Moet had a rough time as he was moved to a pet store after a few weeks. His condition only deteriorated there, as he was kept in a tiny cage surrounded by filth. It was especially concerning since he was still a young cat.

Moet showed typical symptoms of cat flu, but nobody seemed to care about him. Luckily, the Omani Paws rescuers stepped in and immediately took him to the vet, who diagnosed him with a serious medical condition.

Emily Shotter was smitten with the adorable and fluffy little feline and eagerly welcomed him into her abode without hesitation. It was her responsibility to ensure that the visually impaired kitten received all the necessary attention and care.

After the irreversible damage to his eyes, the only way to save him was by taking them out completely. This meant that the little boy would lose his sight forever, but he could still live and receive affection from a family. It wasn’t long before Moet met his future adoptive mother, who came into his life just a few weeks following his surgery.

He’s not just out of harm’s way but he’s also become quite the sensation on the network. Emily playfully commented that Moet enjoys having a good laugh and can’t stand being bored. He’ll even resort to making noise to grab others’ attention.

Shotter started sharing pictures of Moet on social media and quickly gained a large following within a few months. Recognizing their platform, they decided to use it to bring attention to the many issues faced by animals living on the streets in Oman.

The lack of animal protection laws in Oman means that the mistreatment of cats and dogs, like what happened to Moet, is technically legal. However, while regulations exist for agricultural animals, pets are not covered by these rules. Nonetheless, the group is committed to helping animals and will continue their efforts.

Moet has authored a guidebook to assist people in taking care of their beloved furry friends with the assistance of their human companions. Additionally, every year he unveils a fresh calendar featuring his best snapshots.

The great thing about Moet’s merchandise is that all the profits made go straight to the foundation. Moet is an amazing supporter who has effectively raised funds for the organization that gave him a second chance at life.

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