From Trash to Triumph: Abused Dog Overcomes Adversity and Takes First Steps Towards Recovery

Broken Dog Who Has Been Thrown Like Trash Could Takes His First Steps

A dog that was treated like garbage and left broken has managed to take his initial steps towards recovery.

Lawson used to roam the streets of Istanbul as a stray dog until he got hit by a car, which caused him to lose the ability to use his back legs. As a result, the poor pup had to crawl around in search of food and ended up injuring his paralyzed legs even further.

Upon encountering Lawson, He’art of Rescue could not bear the thought of leaving such a courageous dog to face a terrible fate. In Turkey, disabled and sickly stray animals are often the most unfortunate and overlooked, which is why the rescue group places a strong emphasis on saving them.

After struggling to move for a long period, his legs were covered in bruises and sores. The wear and tear of his fight for existence was evident all over his body. Despite the irreparable damage to his spine, Lawson is now undergoing the process of learning to walk again by using a wheelchair.

It’s clear that he’s in a better mood than when he originally arrived. You can tell just by looking at the smile on his face. I’m sure he’s feeling this way because he recognizes that he’s being taken care of by capable and compassionate people!

A couple of days post-rescue, Lawson is seen taking his initial tentative strides in his wheelchair. He didn’t require much time to get a hold of his new mode of transportation. In no time, he was zooming around and engaging in fun activities with his newfound friends.

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