Get to Know Dirt, the Enchanting and Personality-Packed Feline of the Nevada Railway Who’s Won Over Fans Around the World

If you happen to be at the East Ely Railroad Depot Museum, make sure to say hello to Dirt – the cherished Railway Cat who has won over the people of Nevada. This charming feline was born to a stray cat who had wandered into the museum 11 years ago. Ever since then, Dirt has become an internet sensation and even a local celebrity.

Eric Mencis, the Railroad’s manager of guest services and social media director, shared a heartwarming story about his mother’s cat. Apparently, the feline gave birth to some kittens under a massive steam-powered train snowblower called 1907 rotary snow plow. While the other kittens left, one of them remained hidden and scared to come out. Sympathetic train crews decided to leave a can of tuna on a chair every night for the kitten. Over time, the kitten became friendly with the crews and finally came out of hiding.

Dirt is a playful being who takes pleasure in frolicking about on the dusty floors of the engine house and climbing the coal piles of steam-powered locomotives. Due to this, Dirt often appears disheveled and untidy, earning him the name “Dirt” from the crew. Despite his grubby appearance, he has garnered attention for his distinctive markings.

Mencis shared that tourists are always amazed by the remarkable tales and history of the railroad during their tours. And at the perfect timing, Dirt makes his appearance to the group, whether he walks in from another area or comes out from under a train. He sits comfortably in the middle of the crowd with an air of confidence that is solely his own.

According to Mencis, the charming feline named Dirt has a combination of orange and white fur. Nevertheless, his white fur lost its brilliance due to his playful behavior of rolling in dirt and climbing on trains. It’s intriguing that Dirt doesn’t groom himself as other cats do, possibly because of his stray background. He appears to prefer staying oily and dirty, which gives him a rough appearance. Interestingly, this helps him keep clean since he doesn’t attract insects or dust.

It is widely accepted that Dirt’s aptness for living in the railway environment is not only based on his looks, but also on his character. He exudes the vibe of someone who spends their time fixing engines.

Mencis shares that Dirt, a former railroad worker, now lives a feline life. He roams around the workshop with a confident demeanor, making sure that everything is in perfect working condition. He’s come a long way from the bottom, and as a result, he respects the hard work put in by his team. His engine house and the trains under his supervision are a source of pride for him. Dirt meticulously inspects every aspect of the train to ensure that they’re properly maintained, from tightening bolts to lubricating bearings.

Once upon a time, there was an orange and white cat named Dirt who had a bunch of kittens. These little furballs were just like him – they loved to play but weren’t too clean. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand the danger that trains posed, so we had to find them new homes where they could be safe. Thankfully, some of our train crews and volunteers stepped up to adopt these cute kittens. One of them even lived in the engine house for nearly seven years before finding a better home. As for Dirt, he’s been “fixed” ever since.

Thanks to the magic of social media, our museum is now drawing in around 30,000 visitors each year. Our top exhibit, Dirt, has garnered a massive fanbase spanning every corner of the globe. In fact, some enthusiasts have even adjusted their travel plans by hundreds of miles just to come see Dirt and experience the museum firsthand. While they also have fun riding the trains, their primary focus is getting an intimate look at Dirt.

In case you love Dirt’s photography and wish to see more of it, don’t hesitate to check out his Facebook page or Instagram account.

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