“Gorgeous Selena Gomez Shines in a Dazzling Backless Dress during Music Video Shoot After Opening Up about Ex Justin Bieber’s ‘Emotional Abuse'”

Selena Gomez, who had opened up about the emotional abuse she faced in her past relationship with Justin Bieber, has now moved on and is currently shooting a music video for her latest album Rare. The singer was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a beautiful metallic gold halter dress with a backless and curve-hugging design, looking absolutely stunning.

Look at her now! Selena Gomez was nothing but smiles on set of her new music video on Tuesday

Look at Selena Gomez’s gorgeous smile as she shot her newest music video on Tuesday. The talented singer wore a delightful mini dress, teamed up with black suede knee-high boots and hair styled in soft curls featuring a delicate ombre effect. Her hair ended just above her shoulder blades, enhancing her already stunning appearance.

Gorgeous: Selena flaunted her toned physique in a glittery gold mini dress with a drop neckline

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Chic: The frock was held up with spaghetti straps

Selena looked absolutely gorgeous, as usual. She flaunted her well-defined physique in a stunning gold mini dress that boasted a seductive low-neckline. The shimmering material highlighted her curves and injected a dose of sophistication into her ensemble. Take a peek at the photo gallery above to admire Selena’s stunning appearance.

Self-love! Selena's dress was backless and drew attention to her back tattoo written in Arabic - meaning, 'Love Yourself First

Selena Gomez showcased her self-love philosophy while wearing a stunning backless dress that highlighted her Arabic tattoo on the back. The ink reads, “Love Yourself First.” As she continues to release new music, the singer seems to be enjoying her single status. Recently, she was seen on set, mingling with crew members and smiling brightly.

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Paul DelVecchio reveals current status of his relationship with Nikki Hall – Selena Gomez has received much appreciation for her latest album Rare, which was launched on January 10. Pitchfork, a popular music website, has lauded the album as a “sleek and self-assured pop album.” Selena has already unveiled three music videos for the album, namely “Rare,” “Look At Her Now,” and “Lose You To Love Me,” which was the first single released in the fall.

New look! Selena's brunette tresses and fringe were styled into tight curls that framed her face

Come and check out Selena’s newest look! She’s had a bit of a hair makeover. Her famous brown tresses and fringe have been transformed into luscious, bouncy curls that beautifully frame her face.

Legs eleven: The former Disney star teamed the look with a pair of black suede knee-high boots that had a block heel

Take a look at these amazing pictures! The former Disney celebrity looked absolutely breathtaking in her attire, complemented by some gorgeous black suede boots that extended up to her knees and featured a thick heel.

Protection: Selena was spotted escorted around the shoot in Los Angeles with a male during off-time

While taking a break on the set of her upcoming music video in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez was spotted being escorted by a male companion for added protection. The singer recently opened up about her experience with “emotional abuse” during her on-again-off-again relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. In an NPR interview, Selena bravely shared that she felt like a “victim to certain abuse” during their relationship, and even sought help with her album. Despite facing personal struggles, Selena’s appearance on set shows her continued dedication to her music career.

Golden gal: Selena Gomez wowed in a backless, curve-hugging metallic gold halter dress for the shoot

Selena Gomez looked absolutely gorgeous in a dazzling gold halter dress that perfectly highlighted her curves. The backless style of the dress added an extra hint of sophistication to her already stunning appearance during the photo shoot. Check out the stunning pictures in the gallery located above.

Love to watch her walk away: Selena's frock showed off not only her back but her legs as well, thanks to the short hem

It’s always a pleasure to observe Selena’s confident gait whenever she walks away. Her stunning dress not only showcased her mesmerizing back, but also accentuated her lovely legs with its short length.

Sultry Selena: Her hair was beautifully curled, featuring a subtle ombre effect toward the bottom as it brushed her back and shoulders

In a recent photo gallery, Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning with her hair beautifully curled. The ombre effect towards the bottom of her hair flowed over her back and shoulders, enhancing her overall look. The pop star celebrated the launch of her album ‘Rare’ with a delicious cake and spoke about her experience of emotional abuse to reporters. Selena confirmed that she had gone through it and learned to understand it as an adult. She does not want to dwell on it but is proud to say that she feels stronger than ever and has managed to handle it gracefully.

Hands on deck: Selena was surrounded by many producers and photographers for the day

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Hands on deck: Selena was surrounded by many producers and photographers for the day

A multitude of producers and photographers had converged around Selena, all set to collaborate for the day. With such a dedicated team at her disposal, she was well-equipped for the task ahead!

Diva: Thus far, the songbird has released three music videos for the album, for the titular track Rare (pictured), the poppy Look At Her Now, and Lose You To Love Me

The gifted vocalist has released three music videos for her most recent album. These consist of the titular song Rare, the lively Look At Her Now, and the touching Lose You To Love Me. Take a look at the assortment of breathtaking visuals in the gallery.

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