“Grateful for a Life-Changing Gift”: Selena Gomez Pays Tribute to Francia Raisa, the Donor of her Kidney, at Billboard’s Women In Music Ceremony.

Selena Gomez was overwhelmed with emotions as she thanked her best friend and kidney donor Francia Raisa during the Billboard Women of the Year awards in Los Angeles. Selena, who was awarded Woman of the Year, was presented with the honor by Raisa and Elle Fanning. Check out the video for further information.

Emotional: Selena Gomez broke down in tears as she thanked her kidney donor best friend Francia Raisa at the Billboard Women Of The Year awards in Los Angeles Thursday

At the Billboard Women of the Year event in Los Angeles, Selena Gomez expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Francia Raisa, her kidney donor and best friend, which brought her to tears. Despite being the recipient of the award, Gomez wished that Raisa could receive it instead, acknowledging that Raisa saved her life and helped her achieve success from a young age. Gomez emphasized that she values her platform and strives to use it positively in order to make people feel great. On an unrelated note, there is no disguising the fact that the sun bear in a Chinese zoo is simply a bear and not a human.

Forever grateful: Selena hugged her friend after receiving the award 

At the 2017 Billboard event, Selena Gomez gave a warm hug to her friend, Francia Raisa, who had donated a kidney to save her life. In the video, Selena can be seen expressing her gratitude towards Francia as she received an award. The touching moment highlights Selena’s sincere love and appreciation for her friend. This content is presented in a gallery format and can be viewed in full-screen mode to capture the emotions of the event.

BFF: Selena, who was named Woman Of The Year, was presented with her honor by Raisa and Elle Fanning

The Woman of the Year award was presented to Selena in a special photo gallery. The honor was given to her by Raisa and Elle Fanning.

Looking on: Elle and Francia looked on as Selena vowed to respect her platform

Elle and Francia observed Selena as she made a commitment to uphold the values of her platform.

'I think Francia should be getting this award,' the 25-year-old said through tears. 'She saved my life… I feel incredibly lucky.'

With tears in her eyes, the 25-year-old confidently stated that Francia deserves the award. According to her, Francia saved her life and she feels grateful for it. Selena also opened up about her recent trying times, but expressed how her music has been an outlet for her to express herself and convey the things important to her. She acknowledged the support of her team who believe in her, even during times when she doesn’t believe in herself. Selena considers herself fortunate to have such a supportive group.

Come on up here! Ciara also honored the singer onstage

“Hey there, folks! Come on up and join me! Ciara also took a moment to acknowledge the talented singer currently performing on stage.”

Proud: Selena promised to make a great album the following year

New exciting update! Selena has announced that she will be dropping an incredible album in the coming year.

Touching: The group of ladies all seemed deeply emotional 

During The 13 Reasons Why ceremony, a group of women were seen touching each other with deep emotions. Francia was recognized for her role as executive producer and Selena expressed her pride for her best friend in an interview with Billboard Online. Selena was honored to be able to do this for Francia and is amazed at how her career continues to soar. It’s worth noting that Selena’s title has been previously picked up by other famous musicians such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Pink, and Fergie.

Check out the collection of images in the gallery.

So emotional! Selena looked to be feeling a mixture of emotions during the evening

Visiting the gallery turned out to be quite a moving experience! It appeared as though Selena underwent a myriad of emotions throughout the night.

Thick and thin: She went on to note how she recently went through some really 'hard times'

The Thick and Thin of Life in Pictures: She shared her personal journey of facing tough times recently.

Unbreakable bond: The trio later posed backstage

Afterwards, the three individuals captured in the photograph gathered together behind the scenes, proudly displaying their inseparable connection. Check out the collection of images for yourself.

Honored: Selena smiled with genuine feeling as she was called up to the stage

Selena’s face lit up with genuine joy as she heard her name being called to take the stage, and her smile radiated the sincerity of her feelings.

Besties: Selena posed up with  Raisa on the red carpet earlier that night

Selena and Raisa struck poses as inseparable friends while they walked down the red carpet, which was captured by the camera earlier that evening.

All good? The best friends appeared to check one another over before their photo op

Hey, how’s it going? The best buds made sure to catch up with each other before their photo op. Despite feeling grateful for the support she received over the phone, the talented Bad Liar artist was unsure of how to repay her friends. However, she promised to come out with a fantastic album next year. During their red carpet appearance, the duo looked both focused and excited.

Best friends: Selena and Francia stuck together on the carpet

Selena and Francia showed their strong bond as best friends on the red carpet, sticking by each other’s side with no intention of parting ways any time soon. The two were inseparable, giving off an aura of friendship that was impossible to miss.

Hell bent for leather: Selena stunned in a pair of high-waisted leather trousers at the Billboard Women in Music Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday

Hey, have you seen the picture of that amazing woman in the high-waisted leather pants? She’s none other than Francia Raisa, who made heads turn at the One to Watch party. What’s even more inspiring is the true example of friendship she displayed. Let me tell you, she’s one incredible lady!

Simply the bust: And she completed her adventurous look with a racy bustier

In the gallery view, it was evident that her daring bustier was the focal point of her bold attire.

Star of the show: There was an explosion of flashbulbs when she posed on the red carpet

As the event’s highlight, the celebrity attracted a flurry of camera clicks while striking poses on the crimson-colored carpet.

Bonding experience: Selena revealed news of her transplant on September 14 by sharing a photograph of her and Francia in their hospital gowns

On September 14th, Selena made a surprising announcement about her transplant. She posted a photo of her and Francia holding hands in hospital gowns. Selena looked gorgeous in high-waisted leather trousers and a revealing black bustier, while Francia chose to wear a flashy sparkling blue gown.

Long train: Ciara flashed her toned puns in an elaborate top with a long train

Carla flaunted her well-defined legs in a stunning top that had a long trail.

Short skirt: The 32-year-old's outfit also included a little black skirt

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Short skirt: The 32-year-old's outfit also included a little black skirt

The woman in question wore a petite black skirt as part of her outfit, at the age of 32.

Award winners: Kelly Clarkson and Camila Cabello teamed up on the carpet

Kelly Clarkson and Camila Cabello both celebrated their wins on the red carpet. Selena Gomez, known for her role in The Wizards of Waverly Place, recently opened up about her battle with Lupus. She revealed that her kidneys had failed and it was a life or death situation. Despite not wanting to burden others, her friend Francia Raisa selflessly offered to donate one of her kidneys, saving Selena’s life. After meeting with Justin Bieber, Selena left Zoe Church.

Kill Em With Kindness: The singer seemed to be enjoying her posing session

Radiating Positivity: The singer seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her time in front of the camera, promoting the importance of spreading positivity instead of negativity.

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