Grateful Pooch Shows Appreciation with Kisses to Rescuer After Being Saved from Rooftop

In Maine, United States, Jeff Nawfel, the captain of Wells Fire Department had a task of calming down a husky and gaining its trust. This dog breed is known for its ability to assist humans in various tasks, making them great companions throughout history, especially in rural areas. Their unique traits have been helpful in easing many domestic or outdoor responsibilities.

Every now and then, our beloved pets need our help to get out of tricky situations. A recent example of this occurred in Wells, Maine, where a charming husky found themselves stuck on the roof of their home. Despite their owners’ attempts to coax them down, the pup remained stubbornly perched up high. The situation may have seemed minor, but it required the intervention of the local Fire Department to safely rescue the trapped canine. The Wells Police Department shared footage of the heartwarming rescue on their Facebook page.

The pictures show the official climbing up to the roof of the house where the dog was stranded. With patience and care, he managed to calm the dog down and gain its trust. Once they established a connection, the firefighter lifted the dog and carried him safely back through the window and into the fireplace. As they were about to enter the house, the dog stopped to give the hero a grateful kiss on the cheek.

In 2018, Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department came to the rescue of a cute little puppy that was stuck on his roof. The police department issued a statement thanking Officer Steve McDonald for capturing the video of the rescue. Captain Nawfel expressed his gratitude to all those who had helped him rescue the little pup.

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