Heartbreaking: Abandoned Bald Puppy Seeks New Loving Home After Being Left to Face Floods Alone

This cute little puppy is only 12 weeks old and desperately needs a loving owner. Unfortunately, she has a skin condition that has left her almost completely bald, making her situation even more dire. Last week, during heavy rain, she was abandoned and left to fend for herself. Thankfully, a kind passer-by found her wandering the streets and brought her to the Dogs Trust. The staff there have nicknamed her Splash and are hoping to find her a new home where she will receive all the love and care she deserves.

Heartless: Puppy Splash was abandoned and left to fend for herself in last week's rain

Heartless: Last week’s rain left Puppy Splash alone and helpless after being abandoned by her owner.

Adorable: The pup, who has a skin condition which has left her almost completely bald was found wandering the streets in pouring rain by a concerned passer-by

The pup was discovered wandering in the rain with almost no fur due to a skin condition called demodectic mange. A passer-by brought her to the Dogs Trust centre in Leeds, where she is receiving treatment for the chronic condition. The manager of the centre, Amanda Sands, expressed sympathy for the poor pup’s ordeal, having spent all day in the pouring rain without any fur to protect her. It is believed that Splash contracted the condition from her mother and had not received any previous treatment.

Ordeal: Despite her ordeal, Splash is already starting to improve - and is looking for a new owner

Adversity: In spite of the challenges she faced, Splash is showing evident signs of progress and is currently seeking a new caretaker. When she was discovered, she wasn’t wearing a collar, and her overall condition had led to inflammation and infection. Despite this, she possesses an endearing personality and an occasionally mischievous demeanor. It will take several months for her health and physical appearance to fully recover. Prior to adoption, hopeful owners must consult with the Trust’s veterinarian. Although Splash is exceedingly affectionate, she will need to return to the rehoming center regularly for continued treatment.

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