Heartwarming Send-Off: Veterinary Staff’s Touching Gesture to Dog Leaving Hospital

The feeling of absolute bliss overwhelmed Paulo Santoro as he reminisces about the first day he spent with his beloved dog, Luck. Since then, the duo has been inseparable, sharing an unbreakable bond that is evident in their deep connection. According to Santoro, they communicate with each other through mere eye contact. However, a few months ago, their time together was at risk of being cut short due to unforeseen circumstances.

During a leisurely stroll in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Santoro and Luck encountered a gang of armed criminals who intended to rob them. Realizing the perilous situation, Santoro and Luck decided to flee, but they heard gunshots fired from behind them. After the commotion, it was discovered that Luck had suffered a gunshot wound to her back.

Santoro hurriedly brought his wounded pooch to a nearby animal hospital, hoping that the veterinarians could salvage Luck’s condition. “Fortunately, they managed to halt the bleeding,” Santoro recounted. However, the journey towards Luck’s complete recuperation is still considerably lengthy.

After being wounded by a gunshot, Luck went through three difficult surgeries, all of which were performed by his committed medical team. He spent 55 days in the hospital, but his unwavering determination to survive amazed everyone. The medical staff grew fond of him during his prolonged stay, and he became more than just a patient to them. They saw him as a true warrior.

The vet team was truly inspired by Luck’s unwavering perseverance, and they eventually formed a close bond with him. As the day of his discharge approached, they decided to surprise him with a heartfelt farewell celebration. The joy they felt at seeing Luck bounce back from his health struggles was indescribable. Since then, Luck has continued to thrive, and his progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Indeed, the experience brought the team and Luck even closer together, deepening their love and appreciation for one another.

It appears that Luck’s farewell from his caretakers was not really a final one as they still visit each other at the vet hospital whenever possible. According to Santoro, they make an effort to keep in touch and not miss each other too much.

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