“Heroic Act of the King: Thailand’s Monarch Rescues Thirteen Emaciated Great Danes from a Neglected Breeding Farm”

The king of Thailand stepped up to “adopt” the poor animals, who were on the brink of death, and provide them with the care they desperately needed. A disturbing video captured the moment when the 15 emaciated Great Danes were saved from the abandoned breeding farm where they had been left to suffer and starve.

Regrettably, a female dog along with her two young ones passed away in confinement, a mere day before the arrival of Watchdog Thailand’s volunteers to rescue the animals. However, the remaining dogs are currently on the path of recovery and have even found a ‘home’ under the care of King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun of Thailand, who was informed about their treatment and directed his household to aid in their healing process.

On Monday, a group of volunteers discovered mistreated dogs at a house in Pathum Thani. The owner had disappeared a few weeks prior to the discovery, prompting relatives to report the situation to the volunteers. The property had previously been used as a dog breeding farm for several years until the owner was forced to shut down due to financial issues. Sadly, the owner cruelly abandoned the dogs, leaving them to suffer without proper care or attention.

Due to the lack of attention and care from anyone, these poor pups didn’t have proper nourishment and became so skinny that their bones were visible through their fur. A representative shared that they’ve been tasked with a special duty from the King himself. The Animal Welfare Division will be adopting these dogs as per His Majesty’s orders.

During their rescue operation, the team encountered Nui, the housekeeper who had been entrusted with taking care of the dogs by the breeder’s cousin. Nui readily agreed to assist in the rescue efforts. The dogs were provided with food and medical attention by veterinarian Kangwan Thirathamrong before being transferred to Livestock Development’s Animal Center for further rehabilitation. According to the vet, the owner of the dogs had stated that she had not harmed them and continued to feed them. However, due to her unemployment and financial difficulties, the dogs had suffered.

After being rescued, all the dogs needed additional care to recover at the animal center. The next step involves checking whether the owner is financially capable of taking them back. In case they cannot, the search for dog lovers willing to take care of them will begin. According to a Watchdog Thailand spokesman, His Majesty the King has directed his household to adopt all the Grean Datesat from the Animal Welfare Division. The monarch will bear the cost of their treatment, food, and ongoing care. The previous owner may face penalties under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act.

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